Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Please don't sniff

Was in LBB* til the ungodly hour of 7pm last night scribing away to meet the deadline in my head more than the actual deadline which is about 3 weeks away (am I a geek?). Anyway, so I get all finished, text E.R who is being a slave to the books on the 3rd floor to say 'Will be done by 7, drinkies?', got the affirmative reply and set about writing my conclusion. I can do this in 20 minutes. No sooner did I think that, than Librare Twat 1 comes and sits opposite me and proceeds to make phone calls to everyone in his phone book, one after the other - and no amount of poking my head round the side of the computer will get the message across that his innane foreign chatter really is hindering my progress to the pub. So finally he shuts up and I'm joined by Librare Twat 2, who plonks himself down next to me, ear phones singing out The Killers, and even worse...he is SNIFFING.

Now I've discussed this before, but I can't stand hearing other people sniff . I don't care if you have to blow your nose on your sleeve, into your hand, or up into the air. Just don't sit next to me and sniff repeatedly. I get so annoyed. Blow your nose. **

Anyway so I finished the essay finally, and me and E.R headed to the pub...well actually 3 pubs, consumed celebratory alcohol in pint form and dinner for me was in the form of take away pizza at pub chuck out time. Yum Yum. Spent the evening reminiscing about 1st and 2nd year, laughing at past boy errors and reminding ourselves why uni's so fucking good.

Harsh But Fair: saw this fatty in the pizza place who had got herself a portion of cheesey chips and all her mates started coming in and saying 'ooh can I have a chip' 'gissa bit' and tucking in...man this girls face was a picture. Thought she was going to start slapping their hands away she was grumbling so much.** We were pissing ourselves. Look love, they're doing you a favour!

E.R was worried that she wouldn't make her 10.15 seminar but I convinced her this was nothing that a portion of cheesey chips wouldn't solve, so we stumbled back to our respective houses, food in hand and I chowed down on the best pizza ever before flopping into bed.

Off to heat up the pizza for breakfast / lunch. Typical student? Where? Who? Me?

* Large Book Building aka Librare
** It's ok when I do it

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