Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Home, Oxford Street and Declined Debit Cards

Hurrah! I have returned from the depths of Henlow where I didn't get out of my dressing gown unless it was to get massaged, facial-ed or to do lengths of the jacuzzi. Even better, no phones allowed and we were forced to eat healthily! I recommend Champneys, oh yes I do.

So from a few good healthy meals to a rather crap one in Bella Pasta, Leicester Square, today I hit central London for lunch and a shop with my ex-uni housemate.
Now...first rant. This place we went for lunch, Bella Pasta, somehow gets away with:

  • charging £3.80 for a lemonade

  • serving 'bruschetta' that had bathed, showered and jacuzzied in olive oil, smothered in heaps of rocket and lumped on tomatoes...

  • and giving me a spaghetti bologonaise that was 99.9% spaghetti and 0.01% bolognaise

Complain I will - if I can be bothered. But quite often the ends don't justify the means and I'd much rather just avoid going there in future. Which I will, and I urge you to do the same.

On to Rant two. The absolute stealth missions me and the friend had to embark on to get from one end of Carnaby Street to the other, without being shown pictures of homeless children and being forced to part with my details so that I can save them (for £5.99 a month) and shut the well rehearsed salesperson...sorry, charity worker, up.

Seriously, these people are like hawks bearing down on prey as they approach you; dreadlocked, 'Save The Children' emblazoned, mackintosh clad figures, clipboard in hand, your money and their commission on the mind. You can always tell they're after something because they are the only people who will smile and be nice to you in central London, so don't let the yabbering 'how are you?' chit-chat as they stalk you along the road fool you. Mental.

(Please note: saying 'I don't have spare money' doesn't work when you're carrying 5 bags full of clothes and shoes. '10 of your mates have already spoken to me' does..they always hunt in packs)

Third rant: My card got declined in the final shop I went into, the one right next to Bond Street Station...never a good sign, possibly my fault but it seems a lot better to blame...

...Rant four: the stupid sales woman who had the memory span of a small brainless fish, who 'forgot' my student discount and put all the tops I wanted through for a fiver each when they were supposed to be on 3 for £12. I was all flustered trying to find another credit card because mine had a cash deficiency so didn't realise until I was out of the shop and on the tube home. Wench.

I have a new one that has just come to me. Why does blogger thingie add in about a million spaces inbetween all my paragraphs as soon as I add a picture? Very annoying. Now the spacing's all out and I can't be arsed to fix it.

Ahhh, its good to be back. The boyfriend returns tomorrow as well, hopefully without hot Barbados local on arm. Hoorrraaaaaay!

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bec said...

£3.80 for a lemonade?! That had better have been served by an oiled up half naked Brad Pitt look-a-like!


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