Thursday, 12 April 2007

Getting aquainted with the Large Book Building

Yesterday and today I have been mostly in the LBB aka uni library having decided that it was high time I got down to the small matter of essays, which I have managed to put off since finishing my last one before Easter. So much for 'I'll just have a break from work for a couple of days' and here we are, three weeks later, word count: 0.

True story: I am in actual physical pain from yesterday's stint in the LBB, at 5pm I suffered (and am still experiencing) a shooting pain in my left shoulder and neck whenever I look right or down. Looked it up on google and am putting it down to repetitive strain injury from all the writing I've been doing.

Fact: work is bad for you.

Ummm, what else. Yesterday, when me and LBB pal E had finished pissing around pretending to be paparazzi sent to take photos of other LBB pal G by hiding behind signs and computers etc (its more fun than it sounds) I finally got down to my brainstorm sesh on Small Island, the book I'm writing my essay on. So there I am storming away when LBB pal E informs me that I can't call it a brainstorm because it's not a politically correct term any more. Oh no, it appears that because epileptic people (that's developmentally disabled, remember) suffer from brain storms, we must now call those handy little diagrams mind showers to avoid causing any offence.* So something to consider next time you want to brainstorm on a blackboard. I mean, white board, or is it wall board.

*there is every chance this could be bollocks

Also, I won the 'best text message' game. Due to the rarity of such an event, me and the LBB pals make it well known when we get a text message. Yesterday LLB pal G was winning because she got a text (1 point) from a boy (2 points) that apologised for not texting back sooner. Me and LLB pal E both agreed that this was practically unheard of until I received a text (1 point) from a boy (2 points) informing me that I have been bought a present (spontaneous gift / token of love - 10 points). Therefore, I win.

Ooh, I haven't ranted yet.

Here's one. This is a plea to all drivers: if you are behind a horse on the road, please do not assume the guise of forumla one racer and :

  • overtake at speeds Flash Gordon would be proud of

  • overtake on blind bends in the style of a James Bond car chase

  • attempt to squeeze inbetween parked car, horse and oncoming car in manner of stick thin model at a party

  • attempt, encounter problem and proceed anyway in getting your car inbetween one of these

....and horse. You will be the angry one when my horse deposits its arse on your bonnet and I am raising my middle finger to you in response.

You know what, it's really not rocket science but today I got so irritated by the idiots who can't slow down for 2 seconds while they get past my horse. They're worse than the school kids who shout 'I'll give ya something to ride luv' least I can chase after them.

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Mrs Lovecarrot said...

I drive something that goes from 0 - 60 in four seconds so I reckon that if I can slow down for horses, anyone can.

People who don't are clearly sad bastards of the first order... and if what Sandra said is true, the law is a bigger ass than I thought!


Mrs LC


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