Monday, 23 April 2007

Feeling slightly more awake

Now I'm a little bit more awake I thought I'd be a bit more coherant. I've downloaded that 4 OD (channel 4 on demand) in the hope of being able to watch some free tv when I've missed it (no couch potato) but annoyingly it's not working. Clearly I can get onto the internet, but it can't. Which is great for a web based TV service, is it not?

Anyway I watched this Super skinny me - the race to size zero last night on channel 4 - what an immensely weird thing to make a program on. The premise is these two journalists thought they'd try out obsessive dieting to see how quickly they could get down to a size zero (UK size 4? 6?) and err, give themselves an eating disorder. Well now, doesn't that just sound like fun? It isn't, and quite frankly it made for baffling viewing. Firstly, I wonder how many weight obsessed women were sitting there taking notes as the programme progressed thinking 'Ooh, nothing but lemonade eh? And she's lost 9lb in a day!' or on hearing one of the journalists go for dinner with friends, only for one of them to remark 'Oh but I must say, you're looking so good at the moment'. The same friend, a model it turned out, then declared her size-8-self 'fat' before giving the world tips on how to prevent a (in her case, non existant) double chin when having a side on photo. (In case anyone's interested, you put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Try it. I did.)

So the bad points were that one of them developed the beginnings of an eating disorder, bingeing then using laxatives and chucking up her food to aid weight loss. And the other one finished 3 or 4 dress sizes smaller and squeezed herself into a pair of skinny jeans that she looked really good in. So there's your lesson, folks, dieting will "make you go mental" but enable you to get into size 6 jeans. That is, until you immediately put the weight back on as soon as you eat properly again. All in all, a pointless exercise that confirmed everything we already knew about people who diet unnecessarily: That usually the problem is in their head, not their love handles.

If you missed the programme you can catch it on 4od. Oh wait, no you can't - it doesn't work.

It's so pissing annoying that there's this huge pressure on girls to look good and stay slim, no wonder some women get so obsessive about dieting and their weight. Every advert on TV is geared towards looking slimmer and there's nothing wrong with that in a healthy sense, but sometimes I want not to be scared about getting fat in 10 years, or that if I get a bit chunkier that the world won't be ending and I can still be attractive. And not just to people who are equally as fat. The sad thing is, I think it probably will matter to me if our lives continue to get bombarded with media images of perfection.

There is only one solution. In the words of someone else: 'Let them eat cake'. Amen.

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lauren said...

heard the same thing about avoiding double chinnage in side on photos. it doesn't work for me, possibly because of what i call "cow tounge". it only works if i put my tounge tip into the dip behind my bottom teeth. hmmm...


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