Saturday, 7 April 2007

fatcat banker arses

Woop, the boyfriend has returned from his holiday (for those who stayed in England, you'll be happy to know we had better weather here than in Barbados) and we have returned to the depths of Hull for Easter and beyond. Happy to have him back, peely nose and all.

In other news : Fired off a letter to the tosspots at Royal Bank of Scotland who saw fit to relieve me of a £6.00 service charge reason at all. How kind of them to assume that I wanted to upgrade my account to one that I needed to pay an annual fee to have. And yes I know it's only £6.00 which to some people, and myself if I'm in the right shop, isn't an awful lot but it pisses me off because 1) I am quite happy without it 2) my account is not exactly a high turnover for them and 3) to think of all the people who happened not to check their statements this month and allowed the charge to go through. Even more annoyingly, they won't let me change my statements address to my uni address, so they all have to go to London home and then they add on these sneaky little charges so unless I pluck up the courage (usually once every 4 months) to check my balance, any minor changes like that tend to go unnoticed.

So at the end of my letter...oh wait, let me just clear this up as well: The RBS make the mistake, I notice it and call them, they confirm that yes that can be refunded...but 'we can't do it over the phone it has to be in writing'. WOAH WOH WOH....they don't have to write to me to ask me if I want to change my account in the first place, but I have to then spend time writing a letter to request 'err, can I have my money back, pretty please, please please Mr. Fat Cat bank man who is charging me for the pleasure of having a nice shiny gold account that I don't want? Oh thank you, you're too kind'.


Anyway, so at the end of my letter requesting the refund etc etc standard stuff...I put a nice little paragraph 'Furthermore...' (always a good starter) '...I am disappointed' ("I'm not angry I'm just disappointed") 'that the Royal Bank of Scotland has chosen to undertake such action on a young person's account...' (guilt trip, I'm only young, save the children type vibe). '..and would like to think that in future I will be able to trust the bank not to remove charges of this nature from my account without my consent.' (and then the clincher) 'If this is not possible, please be assured that I will have no hesitation in moving my money elsewhere.' (oh yeah, and you don't want to lose all this money...I can smell the fear) 'Thank you for your help in resolving this matter...yours sincerely....blah blah'

I await my apology / freebies / incentives / most likely nothing at all... in return.

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Bec said...

They'll be regretting it when you're earning millions and you decide to keep it all in a box under the bed - oh yes.


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