Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Attention fatties: I've found the answer in my mail box

I don't usually give spam mail much air, but this made me laugh a bit

from : Jerold Lackey
09:25 (4 hours ago)
to: (me) <********>

date :25-Apr-2007 09:25

subject : you hialeah no morovis

Tired of being overweight? We can help!!!

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joanna, it is your rescue!!!

Take a look at testimonials:
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Cole Q. Sandoval


Hahahaha. Well shit the bed, who knew that a diet pill could solve all that. I love that: my sex life was amazing "until a girl told me I was fat." But since taking this amazing magic pill that I bought off the intaaaarnet my worries, weight, and sex life is back on track. Millions around the world are nodding their head in agreement and wondering where they can get this super product. 100% fact, not a reconstruction, 100% reliable source, based on real life true factual story.

Really....who buys this shite? Does anyone actually fall for this stuff?

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