Saturday, 14 April 2007


Am in the same place I've been in all week, the big one with all the books. Having told 2 people yesterday to turn their bloody music down on their ipods (no victor meldrew) I'm finding myself once again opposite someone whose sharing their choice of ear candy with me...why do they always sit near me?? I don't want to listen to the tinny ch ch ch ch ch of someones musical left-overs. Grrrr.

Was on a roll yesterday, word count of The Essay now stands at...dum dum durrrr... 2056 words which means I'm at the half-way point. Hurrah!

Annnd the horse for loan situation is proving to be such a mission; all I want is either one person to take him on and pay for all of it, or two people to take him on, split the days and pay half each. Instead, I get people ringing me who want to have 3 days a week but can't afford to pay for that much...or 1 day a week and pay for just that...WHYYYY confuse me. I hate dealing with all this it's just confusing me so much. And what if I agree to someone half loaning the horse, then someone else comes along who wants to take him on full time? This will mean bugger all to anyone non-horsey but if you substitute 'horse' for 'car' you'll get an idea.

I can feel the frustration bubbling up inside me and its only 12pm. Arse, arse, arse.

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