Friday, 30 March 2007

Motorways are bad

It took me like 4 and a half hours to get home yesterday, that's an hour and a half longer than usual thanks to bloody widening of the M1 and bloody huge lorries who fling themselves off the road and cause miles and miles of traffic who all want to slow down and have a look. Err, including me. Check this out.

Woopsie daisy...that's not a normal slip road you're on, is it? No, it would appear to be a grass verge and not actual concrete there mate...what you want to do is stay inbetween the lines and avoid the hard shoulder if possible.

Pardon me not having all that much sympathy in the cases of lorries that lose control and go off the road, one hit my mum and dads car in February at 1am by apparently 'swerving to miss debris on the road' - and let me clarify: that's swerving across 4 lanes - to miss debris that 2 witnesses say wasn't there... the driver also had his tachometer turned off, so you know, of course he wasn't falling asleep at the wheel having driven through the night. He was probably wide awake and saw a huge heap of debris that his good sense told him he'd need to cross into the inside lane to avoid, hitting my mum and dad at 70mph, writing off their car which my mum had to be cut out of. All is not bad by the way; the car is now a convertable. And luckily my parents (well my dad) walked away, my mum was taken off on a spinal board but released from hospital the next day. So lorry drivers are not flavour of the month with me at the moment.

Anyway, so thanks to the lorry driver of the above picture who fancied himself as an off-roader, I sat in traffic all afternoon and wasted my new hair on the awful perves who drive vans and leer at any girl unlucky enough to pass them, getting increasingly frustrated at the 50mph limit that seemed to reign over most of the M1 yesterday. 50mph limit? Wishful thinking. Having spent most of my journey at about 5mph I could only conclude that the motorway people were actually just entertaining themselves by taunting drivers at how fast they could be going if only roadworks were carried out that little bit quicker.

And so I am back home and avoiding essays, and driving, for the next few days. Still no word from the boyfriend. Either t-mobile doesn't work in Barbados or I have been abandoned for a tanned, Carribean beauty with coconuts covering her breasts. Owwwwwwwww. Get thee to a health farm.


Sandra said...

hi again jo.

looking at the thickness of their neck is a good indication to. i’m glad to hear your horse is ok, its terrible when you loose one it’s almost like a member of the family. when i was small, well smaller i’m only 5′2, we had loads of ponies and my dad sold half of them. my sister and i use to run outside everytime he’d come home to see if he had the pony! we wanted to keep all of them!

thats drifting off the point, but its good to know that even if your horse does get lamenitis they can get out of it. which isn’t so bad

that traffic is terrible. i don't know if you heard about it on sky but we had a big crash on our motor way over hear. there were up to 40 crashes on one stretch of road! apparently the chance of you having an accident on the motorway is 1 out of 10 but if you do have a crash its usually MASSIVE!

i'm glad your mum and dad were ok, lorry drivers do work ridiculous hours i know and most of them are bully's on the road. but i'm not one to tar all with the one brush.

anywho keep driving cardefully! thanks for the post again

san :)

bec said...

There's nothing traffic related I hate more than motorways. No stratch that, I generally hate other cars - especially when I'm late for work... which is most of the time! I don't feel they have the right to b blocking my way... a bit selfish, I know, but I'm crabby in the morning.

Glad your parents are okay - the lorry driver will have lost his job for having his tahcometer switched off. Nob head. i have stronger words for dangerous drivers but i'm being polite today.

london cokehead said...

Oooops, park it there son!


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