Monday, 26 March 2007

How Did I Get Here??

Hurrah for Google Analytics, not only does it tell you whose looking at your blog, where they're from and what they also tells you how they got here in the first place. Now this sometimes comes in the form of a google search, as you will know if you have arrived at my page by typing something in, for example...Wentworth Miller is a popular choice.

However, it's surprising what people are searching for when they stumble upon this, I present you a selection of the more..err..unusual terms. Gotta love t'internet. Init.

  • "slurp" "chomp" dog dishes
    This person clearly decided that in order to narrow down results by including the sound their dog makes when eating...a novel idea.

  • eating "mouth open" annoying
    I concur. If only they'd stuck around, I made a post just for them.

  • whistle face syndrome
    I'm not sure whether to mock this or this a real disability? Will I get lynched by the politally correct mob if I say this sounds like an awfully amusing thing? They wanted whistle face...they got Edith Bowman. Well, the most interesting thing to come out of her mouth is tuneless air, I suppose.

    How would you like your mother screen - rare, medium or well done?

  • immense cleavage
    I can't help but think this person suffered the most disappointment on arrival at my blog. I imagine a google image search would produce more 'fruitful' results...

Those are the most strange so far. I'm tempted to put the odd random word in now just to see if anyone searches for them. (Large green banana) (stinky peas) (What's that mouse like walrus doing on my ferret?) (Ok...I'll stop now)

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