Thursday, 29 March 2007

Home, Hairdressers and Badgers.

Am going back down to London today (home) for a week or so after I get my hair cut. Well, I say cut...what I actually mean is that I'll go to the hairdressers with plans for something wild and zaney, lose my bottle while 'in the chair' and say 'oooh, just take off as much as needed. It only needs tidying up really'. Truth be told, long hair is my saving grace. If I was to cut it all off I would actually feel naked, it's like a wall I can hide behind when I'm having a B.F.D (Bad Face Day). But I, Jo, promise to remove at least 2 inches of my golden locks and make the hair more golden by strategically placed highlights.

Now because I actually want to still look presentable when I come out of the salon, I am avoiding the places round here who appear to think that having hair resembling a badgers is a good look. By this I mean the massive chunks of blonde and black that every girl around here seems to be sporting as a result of a trip to one of the 30 hairdressers on the main road.

I avoid them like the plague. I don't even like walking past them...they're full of girls and (mostly gay) blokes, all can I put this... 'fun' hair...even 'funnier' self tan jobs on their faces, packed straight out of beauty school with all the small talk included. One of them even has an ex- Big Brother contestant from 3 years ago working there; proof that contrary to popular belief, Big Brother contestents DON'T drop off the edge of the earth on exit from the house....they return to Hull. What do you mean his showbiz career didn't take off!! Lies I tell you, lies! He likes it here, he just did BB for the experience!

As I write this, I just had my first spammy phone call of the day...

Me: Hello?
Them: [silence]
Me: Helloooooooooo?
Them: [rustling about]
Me: Heeeeeeeelllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo?
Them: Hello can I speak to the property owner please?
Me: No sorry, she's not here. I should know...she left the door unlocked so I'm just helping myself to the eletrical goods.
Them: Ok thank you. [hang up]

Bah. Didn't even bite.

Anyway, so yes...I return home! Hairdressers and M1 awaits.

Ciao bambino.

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bec said...

Nothing like a call centre person finishing their lunch/making paper aeroplanes before talking to you!

I'm exactly the same 'in the chair'... I lose my bottle and any descriptive powers, even to the point when they ask me how much I want taking off... It's always 'about that much'.


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