Monday, 5 March 2007

Dum de dah...All praise gameboys. And Hull (ish)

It's official. I am currently experiencing the life of a 14 year old boy circa 1990. I discovered a gameboy randomly in a box of books under my sister's bed (a hidden secret?) and it had a Pokemon game in it (my sister is 27) and now, thanks to ebay, it has a £2 copy of Zelda in it. Who needs an Xbox, Playstation or Wii when you have a gameboy? I spent most of Sunday watching a little man with no discernable face ferret around a (apparently 'colour') screen while I try and find a...well...I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be finding but I'm having fun doing it. The little scamp has been getting infinitely more attention than the boyfriend this weekend, who, ironically, brought the game in the first place. Whoops.

What else can I bore you with.

Oh yeah, they're building a new shopping centre in Hull. Are they going to fill it with shops that the other (2) shopping centres don't have? No, of course they're not. They're putting another TKMaxx, one more New Look, ooh...throw in an extra River Island and because there aren't enough clones already in this town lets shove in a H&M and Zara. So now, instead of everyone wearing the same Topshop clothes, they're also going to be wearing matching H&M goodies as well. This is aside from my other issue with the place: whose wonderful idea was it to put another place for the great unwashed and unemployed of Hull to hang around all day, everyday?
If you've never been to Hull, don't jump to conclusions too quickly. I've been here at uni for nearly 4 years now and will defend it to the last in terms of the student life which has been really good, the campus is nicest I've visited and it's well deserving of its friendliest uni title. And it's bloody cheap to live here as well. Anyway, it's only when you delve into the town centre itself that things start to become a little less...palatable. There are people literally just hanging around all day, some doing nothing apart from just staring gormlessly at the massive screen in the central square. It's like half term all the time with the amount of kids hanging around in their tracksuits and caps doing, excuse my french, fuck all. Although I did catch a rather riveting argument between a couple the other day that went to the tune of 'Err nerr, she's lying she is, I never slept with 'er twice it were errnly the once'.
So given the picture I'm attempting to paint for you, you can maybe see why I'm a little dubious about what the new shopping centre's real purpose is. To give jobs? Fair enough. To provide shops for the local people, most of whom can't afford to shop at the ones that are already provided in the other 2 shopping centres? Bah. What do I care, I'm going back to London this year anyway. I just wanted to whinge.

Oh and did I mention they're also putting a Tesco into the new centre as well....?

Ok...I'm stopping now.

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