Thursday, 1 March 2007


Charlotte Church is pregnant. That's mental.

Maybe the baby will have hair like a hedgehog.

In other news...

There is still dog shit at the end of my road.

I am going to the cinema to see Hot Fuzz tonight and to be honest, I'm not expecting amazing things it has to be better than The Good Shepherd. I'm always warey of films that are bigged up and plugged to the extent that Hot Fuzz has...but we shall see. I bet you're all awaiting my opinion with baited breath. (What does baited breath mean anyway? Like I know it means anticipation, but why?)

Also, Edith Bowman has reinforced my view that she is WELL IRRITATING, FACT by reporting on the NME awards that are happening tonight..of course she's at the forefront of all the action...probably placing her microphone up the bands arses in the process...and tonight she was reporting away and then she stopped mid sentence and went 'Hi Brandon....that's just Brandon from the Killers walking by...' then carried on with whatever nonsense she was on about before. "Ooh Ooh I'm Edith and I just want to be popular with the famous band people, I'm going to attach myself to his sleeve and laugh at all his jokes and tell him about Radio Ones fun competition to go to Bradford and maybe he'll be my mate!!!"

Heh ;)

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