Saturday, 24 March 2007

Bored, Bored Bored (But not at the cinema, for once)

I'm so bored at the moment. I should be happy, I went to the cinema last night and saw the new Zack Snyder film, 300, which was really good...I've just found out it's on at IMAX cinemas, would wellllll want to see it there. That'd be so good. Really good graphics, kept me into it right until the end which is a change from the other films I've seen lately where I've been bored about half way through. And when you add in the sound of other people eating really loudly around you it doesn't make for a great experience...anyway, last night all I had was this bloke next to me who was sniffing every 2 seconds. But it's ok because the film was loud so it only irritated me in the quiet bits. Go see 300's intense. I can't be bothered to review it properly really.

The night before I went to see The Last King of Scotland which was showing at Hull Screen, an independent cinema type thing round here. I missed it when it first came out because it was only on for a week for some reason. Anyway that's a wicked film too, Forest Whitaker is a damn good actor. So get that out on DVD.

Well as you can tell I'm not feeling too inspired today. This blog business is all well and good but sometimes I'm like, argh...I can't be bothered. I get minimal readers on a good day and thats when I've made an effort to put the link somewhere. There's such a massive volume of blogs out there its like a mission impossible to get anything read, let alone noticed or get people coming back to read it again. It seems like every budding critic or writer has a blog, and I'm learning thats a hell of a lot of people, there's just not alot of point in doing it for any feedback or for a greater reason than getting something off my chest.
Saying that, I quite like writing for myself, it keeps me entertained when I'm bored and because I get irritated on a daily basis by people and tv and poo outside my house and life, it makes sense to put it down in the hope that someone goes 'Oh yeah, me too...'.

I'm a bit warey of letting all my friends in on the blog action I've got here, my boyfriend's got the link to it but that's alright because I don't really whinge about him. In fact, I'm nice to him (see, A?). But the good thing about this is that it's sort of anonymous, so I can be as opinionated as I want without consequences, something that real life doesn't really afford me all the time.

Bah. I finished an essay on The Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon yesterday, one down, 3 more to go...then it's dissertation time. How I love this time of year....

I'm off to contemplate life while playing Zelda on the gameboy.

(An Uninspired) Jo

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Bec said...

I know exactly what you mean. Inspiration is sometimes extremely hard to come by. I have started scribbling down anything that mildly interest me during the day in case it inspres me later... but still I get home after work, sit in front of the laptop and... nothing. I am so jealous of those who blog and create fascinating posts every day.
Love your site. And 300... fantastic.


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