Friday, 16 March 2007

The arctic blast is coming! Run for your lives!

Jumping Jehovas! The UK is about to be hit by an ARCTIC BLAST that will sweep over the land with great force and turn the sea into a creamy soup like liquid! Batton down the hatches, hold your horses and lock up your children...THE SNOW IS COMING! No...worse...The ARCTIC BLAST is upon us! Scenes like the one below will be arriving in your sleepy villiage this weekend....You have been warned. In honour of this dramatic turnaround in the weather, I have devised a plan. I call it...

The Arctic Blast Challenge

Me, my housemate and boyfriend have entered into a competition to see how many times we can get the words 'arctic blast' into a conversation with the local shop owners this weekend.

This evening, at 17:35 with the Lebanese man in the Indian and Continental Store I had the following conversation:

Chatty Store Man: Ooh hello! Is cold today eh?
Me: Oh I know! It's just freezing! I mean there's this arctic blast coming isn't there? They keep telling us. Fffff. Brrrr.
Chatty Store Man: .........[blank look] want couscous?

A text from my boyfriend at 18:00 confirmed that he too had wedged the words 'arctic blast' into a conversation with the very same shop owner. The score is

Me 1
Boyfriend 1
Housemate 0

Feel free to join in. Let me know how many times you have spread the word. It is a matter of importance to the weather fearing British Public. And above all, we all know how much us UKers love to talk about the weather. Let no awkward small talk be without a mention of the ARCTIC BLAST this weekend. Do it for your country.

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