Monday, 19 February 2007

The One-Off Non-Rant Post

I rant a lot. So here are some good things to even out the balance.

  • I have a watercooler in my room. I cannot express how much this is an overlooked necessity for students everywhere. It's a mini one that sits by my bed and cools my bottles of water ready for those mornings-after-the-nights-before when getting out of bed for anything other than for running to the bathroom is just too much effort.
  • My boyfriend is wonderful lovelyness. I don't like open displays of affection on my blog, this is a one off. But every so often I think 'yessssssssss.... I am with someone who doesn't cheat on me (like whatsits husband in Eastenders)' or 'I am with someone who does nice things without having to ask like text me at night before bed' or 'Woopeee if I have a random idea for somewhere to go then he'll come with meeee'. He does call me names though. But its ok because with his name calling I'll lose that weight quicker than I would otherwise. And eight stone is a little on the large side, he's right.*
  • So far this year I can sum up the problems in my house, which I share with one other person as opposed to 5 or 6 like the last couple of years:

- Number of arguements about the washing up: nil
- Number of arguements about who last emptied the kitchen bin: nil
- Number of arguements about why I'm always the one to clean the living room: nil
- Number of arguements about people coming in drunk and waking me up with shouting / music / throwing up /random banging on doors: nil
- Number of arguements about being able to hear the tv / someone elses music through the floor / wall when I'm trying to work / chill: nil

This is not a boring student life, this is the M&S argument free student life. Mmmm.

  • I am going to play laser quest on Wednesday, woopee, love laser quest.

Ok I don't want to taint the air with any more good thoughts. That's enough for this year...on with the ranting.

*Disclaimer: My boyfriend does call me fat. And a walrus. And tells me not to eat as much. But it's ok, I know he speaks in jest. Call off the Samaritans.

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