Thursday, 22 June 2006

Today is better than yesterday.

This surprises me for two reasons:

  • I didn't get in until 2am last night (unintentional)
  • I had consumed a bottle of £3.10 dry white wine from Tescos and was suitably drunk (intentional)

Despite the above factors, not only did I arrive into work on time but I have been in an extremely good mood all morning. I'm putting this down to:

  • The mood enhancing effects of alcohol
  • The e-mail I received on opening my inbox this morning.

The email was from my boyfriend, who at the moment I am having a sort of poetry competition with. Although the mention of poetry instantly puts us in the realm of geeky literary couples who spend our afternoons sitting under trees musing over William Blake, I would like to take this opportunity to stress that this is not the case. We're just a bit weird. Whilst whinging about my rubbish evening on Monday, I asked him to send me a nice email to cheer me up.

Subject: Pete the fly

i am pete the fly,
kill me you may try
but before you take my eye,
just think of my family who will cry;
my mother baking her pie,
pappi out mending the broken sty,
little meggy pegwiggle although shy
so next time you see me fly by,
just let out a sigh
and remember the story of pete the fly.

Clearly not a contender for any literary prizes I agree, but it put a smile on my face nonetheless. I responded with:

FATTY - by Jo

theres a story i have to mention
about a girl with large upper body dimension
she started to bake
and ate too much cake
and now shops in the size 16 section

Unfortunately, I failed to spell my name right (I blame the aforementioned wine), this prompted the following response...

it was such a shame
that jo couldn't spell her name
she really didnt know
it is spelt with another o
now ants here to destroy her poetic reign.

I think its best we leave it there. I post these poems on the off chance that some high up, literary type finds some inherant goodness in these little works of art.

Yeah...I know.

Lets move on. ;)

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