Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Things That Annoy Me (In honour of my new Blog title)

  • People who eat (food and chewing gum) with their mouth open. So it makes a sound like 'yap, yap, yap'
  • Scraping cutlery on teeth
  • Sniffing (blow your nose)
  • When people don't wait for you to get off the tube before getting on
  • Fat people who whinge about being fat, or blame it on metabolism/genetics. Eat less. Exercise more. No time? Make time.
  • Screeching little rudegirls/boys who you find in the town slicked over, screaming 'OW MY GODDDD DAT WOMAN WAS GOIN' ON RUUUUUDE!' or words to that effect.
  • Blokes who feel it is absolutely necessary to pinch your arse to get your attention in a club. A simple hello would be better. It would also avoid the need for me to give you a moody look, and the ensuing 'BITCH' comment you will then throw my way.

I will edit as appropriate. I'm feeling strangely un-irritable today.


Simon said...

so totally know what you mean. Another to add to the list:

1. People who bite their nails and make that "catterpillar eating leaves noise". I would rather leave the room than listen to it (one of those noises that makes you want to punch infants).

2. When your at a club and you have made friends with someone and are having fun dancing then some asshat comes up and barges in much to the other persons disgust.

3. Also connected with 2, your dancing with someone and then someone else slaps their arse. Ive almost decked someone for that before.

Rachel said...

Here here!!!!!


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