Monday, 12 September 2011

What Have You Come As? "Too Confused for Fashion Week" Special Edition

Here we are in September, a season notorious for change.

And London is confused.

Humidity is blown around by hair-raising gusts of wind, dampened by heavy rain and then, just when you've deposited what remains of your umbrella into a bin, blitzed by bursts of sunshine. You arrive at the pub sweaty, wind swept and muttering, in that great British tradition, about the bloody weather.

And what to wear on your feet? Too warm for winter boots, pavement too soggy for pumps. Flip flops and sandals leave toes cold in the shade.

"I looked outside, saw sunshine, took my umbrella out and put my sunglasses in. Left my mac at home, replaced it with a cardy" said one friend at the start of this weekend's belated birthday celebrations. "And now..." we looked outside at the rain hammering against the pavement, "It's pissing it down."

Nowhere was this confusion more evident than on this morning's tube journey. It's week two of my new daily routine, and my eyes were drawn away from yesterday's Sunday Times magazine and onto what happened to be the most stunning example of horrendously confused footwear this stealthy photographer has ever seen.

Quite simply, it was the stuff blogs with sections called "What Have You Come As?" are made of.

For what does the modern man wear when faced with summer, autumn, rain, wind, shine and humidity in one day? 

But of course! Shorts. Ray-Bans. A cap.

And bright green jelly shoes over stylishly patterned, pulled-up socks.

There have been socks and sandal combos in the past.

But with this gem, I think we have a winner.


London-Lass said...

A* for the stealth photography and the fashion find. Really makes you wonder what people fink when they get dressed up in the morning. But, then, mebbe that's it ... mebbe they just dont :)

Anonymous said...

Oh jesus! What was he thinking!?!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Londonlass - *bows* I like to think his name was Practical Peter.

Soup - "How can I keep my feet warm and still wear my favourite summer shoes?" I expect.


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