Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Alright love...I know it's been a bit chilly lately.

We're not exactly having one of those famous hot hot British summers we're so used to having, so I feel your pain. But come on! What have you come as? You're in Notting Hill, home of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and Rhys Ifans!

What would they say if they saw you clad in a high heels and kiddie sock combo with baggy bunched up jeans?

Julia: "no"

Hugh: "no"

Rhys: "no"

That's what.


Miss Understood said...

Even I cringed, and that's saying something.

I am SO glad you don't live in my town, Jo!

Miss Construed... said...

Lovely calves


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Oh come now Miss U, don't be like that, I'm an asset to any community. Besides, one day I'll go on WHUCA Tour and then no one will be safe. I'd love it if I took a photo of one of my readers by accident. That'd be comedy.

Miss Construed - Hmmm, almost a shame to cover them up, no?

surviving myself said...

I HATE Hugh Grant.

I'm sorry, that's all that's in my mind now.

rosiewishes. said...

You know I said I didn't like office dress and suits? Well that was the outfit I chose instead for my interview.
I'm shocked and upset that you disapprove...

Seriously though, how could you look in a mirror and think that's ok??

Nat said...

Oh it's almost as bad when people where socks with thongs or sandles.

Bec said...

God, I have to move to London. I need to see things like this everyday!

Miss Em said...

Wow. Couldn't have imagined a worse combo. Terrible.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, so wrong in so many ways.

London-Lass said...

She reminds me (well I hope it was a `she' anyway) of how little girlies look when trying on their mum's clothes in a dressing-up game. Shameful.

Ms Hush-Hush said...

Genius spot. Horrific combo, well done!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

surviving - What about Colin Firth?
They're like a double act.

Rosie - I bet they offered you the job based on the socks alone...

Nat - I know, and that's bad enough!

Bec - The problem is everyone's moving so fast, sometimes it's hard to catch the really good / bad ones.

Em - Pretty good, eh?

Perpetual - SO SO SO WRONG. Why would you do that?

Londonlass - Haha, spot on. Hot look.

Ms Hush - Why thank you!


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