Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Str8 up

If you go down to the shops today, you're sure of a big surprise...Oh hawwowwww hot stuff, warm out isn't it?

I say, that's a rather fetching pair of speedos you're wearing! I particularly like the way you've swapped having trouser pockets for a bum bag (sorry Americans, I mean fanny pack. Hahaha. You say fanny pack instead of bum bag. You call your bum your fanny. We call fanny your minge! You know, front bum! Flaps! Kebab! Hehe...ohhh. Funtimes. Where was I...)

Ah yes! Look! Half naked man popping to the shops, asserting his masculinity the best way he knows...LYCRA.

Of course, if that fails (unlikely) he could always try that age old Greek secret potion garanteed to keep the ladies flocking and a'knocking...
Str8 and to the point indeed.


nuttycow said...

Dare I ask how you took that photo?

Robbie said...

You didnt take that photo from your fanny pack did you?....sorry bum bag, English.

We get lots of that near ours seeing as we live near the beach. Yikes!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

nutty - as you can see, he was quite preoccupied with his fanny pack which enabled me to go stealth with the camera phone.

robbie - yowza you must have funtimes every time you go to the shops...I haven't worn a fanny bag since I was about 6 on a skiing holiday when it was allll the rage

Miss Understood said...

Fanny packs are very useful at car boot sales, I'll have you know. Where else does one keep their change?

I must say, I have an aversion to lycra in all it's forms. From rock climbers to cyclists, scuba divers (do they wear lycra? It certainly looks like it) to fitness fanatics. It just looks horrendous. Speedos though, are just WRONGdiddlywrongwrong.

Robbie said...

The last time I wore a bum bag I was heading to America. It was a Teenage Turtle one. And it was ACE!
I kept a few little toys in it for the plane to the States. My sister also had some toys but couldn't be bothered carrying them so my mum forced me to put them in my bum bag.
A few minutes later, while walking around some American airport, I was stopped by security and they searched my bumbag.
I got worried, folded and explained to them that the items in there WERE NOT mine. They were my sisters.
After a little search thet let us go.
I'd have hated being caught by security trying to smuggle in girls toys to a different country.
I'd make a crap drug mule.

Bec said...

Oh. Good lord. Why aren't some people stopped? Do they not have friends? I just... sorry words fail me.


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