Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Unpaid slave, again

Yeah alright, so I seem to have a thing for offering my exquisite brain and all related services to companies for a couple of weeks in exchange for the unheralded gift of knowledge and professional acceptance...

In other words, I'm on the work experience bandwagon again. Hurrah! but this time there isn't a TV camera, arrogant presenter or microwaveable dinner in sight (unless it's mine...but at the moment I'm wasting money in the local central London sandwich shops instead of bringing my own food in, which is well sensible seeing as I'm not actually earning at the moment). But then when has anything sensible tasted as good as a cheese and ham panini fresh out the toaster at the price of £3.50?

No no, TV was bumholio so this time I'm getting down with the publishers and exploring the world of books, which for a h'absolute book fiend like me would seem to be a pretty good choice what with the english degree / masters and everything. And two days in I'm finding it pretty interesting (haha - anyone else getting flashbacks to when I started my old job? Anyone? Hello? Hang on, have you all stopped blogging??). Especially as I'm currently positioned in the children's department...so I read children books, write a synopsis of what went on, then give a verdict on whether they're any good or not. Which is prettttyyy much my cuppa tea. Speaking of which, I haven't had to make any of them yet either (although the other work experience girl did. I sniggered from behind my unpublished manuscript as she trundled off to the kitchen. Yes, I know, I'll be next).

So two weeks of braving the morning rush hour tube journey to Holborn has begun and about time too. Then I'll be about ready for another holiday I reckon. Quick! All you budding writers send me your stuff and I'll fast track it, for a price then read it and give it a glowing review for an even bigger price...eh...a girl's gotta pay her way somehow...then it'll be like christmas come early!



Clarissa said...

We're probably jostling against one another during the commute.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Look for the girl with the limp ( a sure winner for getting a seat)

Bec said...

Ooo, TV, now books? So you're taking over the known world when?! Work exp. Now that's an idea!

James Ink said...

I'm here!!!

Although everytime you mention that damn TV job, I just want to know what damn program it was!!!!!!

blueskies2day said...

ooh ooh I am very jealous and impressed by your enterprising, cross-genre career change and wish to emulate you forthwith. I want to work with boooookkkkssss sob.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

bec - work experience is the way forward. Seeing as I don't have much time for a proper paid job this summer what with work exp and holidays and what not...I'm even considering a bit of volunteer work. Mental.

james - oh come now, you'd be no fun at a murder mystery party would you "MEH I don't WANT to play, not until I know whodunnit"

blueskies - I'm feeling quite restless career wise. There's more to come this summer in the way of trying things out, too.

James Ink said...

oh come now, you'd be no fun at a murder mystery party would you "MEH I don't WANT to play, not until I know whodunnit"

Ah... but at a murder mystery party you know that you will eventually find out.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Just think of it like a really really good episode of eastenders, perhaps a friday night one, where you have to wait til monday to see the conclusion.

Except switch "monday" for "when pigs fly"


James Ink said...


Or is that just a subtle clue.

A soap with pigs in it that broadcasts on Friday and Monday. On No that's just EastEnders isn't it.

Robbie said...

Hoorah for having a job you like (except the not being paid bit)
Good luck

theperpetualspiral said...

So do you get any freebie books?


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