Friday, 18 July 2008

Oh my god it's friday at last, oh what a week, etc

Excuse the (very genuine) HURRAH it's the weekend I'm a working person (none of this unemployment caboodle) these things matter. This means I can spend my weekend saying things like

"Urrghhh, I've got work on Monday. OH NO!"
"THANK GOD it's Friday!/Saturday!/Sunday! Livin' for the weekend, me!"
"God, as if I don't spend my whole week getting squished on the tube, now I've got to use it again? Can't you come to mine?"

but not

"One week / day / month to payday!"

Actually talking of the tube..which I have, like once in this post...Anyway, random but this morning this suited bloke, probably 30-something got on my carriage and I don't know if he was just like that all the time, but he was acting strangely enough to catch my eye. He had this huge bag and got on at Tottenham Court Road, then he was looking about, mumbling to himself about I don't know what because I was listening to "Take me on a trip I'd like to go someday, take me to New York I'd like to see L.A", and I watched him for a bit and thought what the hell's he on at 9am in the morning? He looked like the police were waiting for him at the next stop, or like he'd just had one very, very, very big line of something powdery. Anyway as soon as there was a free seat he was all pushing past everyone to get to it then he kind of settled down. Marginally. But when I got off he was still looking a bit wired.

I thought up this situation where he was this workaholic city boy who couldn't start the day without a line, so he was all jittery and ready for the stocks and shares. Then I felt bad because he could have been a h'actual mental. Who knows.

In other news, I've read about 8 books this week, mostly children's fiction.

Before I embark on my weekend of pretending I have a proper job forever, I give you reason 1047363663263567238234 why you shouldn't fall asleep on the tube (in front of me). While this giant umbrella wielding skinhead was busy making his head loll about like a badly spun plate, I was snapping a picture of his HUGE, UNNECESSARY MAN BAG so I could put it on my blog and mock him for owning one. No wonder he's asserting all his manly bits to make up for the accessory error.

Jo done...enjoy the weekend!


Clarissa said...


blueskies2day said...

It sounds like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho is a real person!!!!

Skinny Girl said...

It's not just the fact that he HAS a man bag, it also goes with his outfit.


biscuitinabasket said...

Very very funny!

To all Non-London / UK readers - the London Underground network has entertainment all through the day! Only a couple of weeks ago a guy on my train was having a decent conversation with the door. Everytime the train stopped at a station, he used to get out and then back in. He was a little here and there, so he could have been drunk.... but just another story on the LU!

China Blue said...

That dude has a nicer handbag than me!

When I was on the NY Metro, there was a guy in my carriage playing the drums. Well, he had the sticks, but no kit.

There's something about the underground train that brings out people's mental, I tell thee.

theperpetualspiral said...

Underground crazy person spotting should be made an Olympic sport in time for 2012.

surviving myself said...

I've actually seen a lot worse than that.

Gump said...

It's been four days and I finally realized this isn't a Hollaback NYC post.


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