Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It's WHUCA Wednesday, init mate!

"Yes mate! Yeh yeh, eh eh, blad! What's 'appening?"

"Weeellll mate, me is feeeelin' the matchin' look today...init."


"Yeaah mate. I put me cap tilted to one side, so everyone knows I from the ghetto of suburban London...."


"'N me custom adidas tredz with me matchin beige tracksuit bottoms and hoody, init, so everyone knows I mean bizniz."

"You is the dogs doo-dahs mate, serrrrrious. No wonder you're boppin' round the platform wid a limp, liiiike"
"Yeah mate, I know."


Mal said... Just make you laugh don't they with their matching trackies, fake jewelry and numerous potential single mothers in tow

Blue soup said...

The limping thing really gets me as it glorifies gun cultute. The bop walk derives from gangland America. Young men in gang fights get shot in the foot and walk with a limp from then on. It's like a right of gang passage or something. Chavs with their bop walk here though appear to have no idea of the ideals that they are they are subscribing to in adopting this fashion of walk.

Skinny Girl said...


Skinny Girl said...

I actually miss chavs and neds. There is nothing quite like that here in Aus.

And no, bogans are NOT the same thing.

Rol said...

It may be a sign that I'm getting old that I just don't see the fashion in yoof-fashions anymore. Even punks had a kind of anarchic style going. This lot just look like scabby couch potatoes... I just don't see the appeal.

Lapa said...

I don't speak cokney at all...

"Going abroad, man, doesn't build me you know?"

As someone told me at Victoria station in London a few... years ago.(Pink floyd/ wembley stadium)
:( :))

The californian mate (guy), whom I met there, didn't understand a word of that tipical London's accent- neither did I.

I felt very confortable then, because the problem of compreenshion was not only mine.

After then, Canterbury, Elham to "pick stroobsss over theeere"

Very nice Inter-Rail holidays!

Thank you for coping me.


surviving myself said...

I wore that last weekend.

Jo. Better José Manuel. said...

You could (must) make a comment in my blog to prove that there is no hard feelings between us...

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

mal - haha, indeed they do. They take coordination to an entirely new level.

blue - Exactly, there are so many blokes round here who walk like that. Although something tells me that even if they knew the history to walking like that, they'd do it even more.

skinny girl - I wouldn't miss them too much. Once I said that in Hull and the next day my arial had gone from my car.

rol - I reckon the appeal of such clothing means maximum comfort on days spent lounging on the sofa, joint in one hand and can of special brew in the other, massive benefit cheque on the coffee table.

lapa - you're not alone there, often I don't understand a word they're saying either.

surviving - you are a true fashionista...

lapa - maybe one day...

Gump said...

You took a pic of ME just because you liked the look of my butt. Admit it.

surviving myself said...

Thank you!

Boy said...

Seriously. Who actually puts those clothes on, and thinks they look good?

Chavs of the world, hear my call: Go and implode somewhere.


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