Sunday, 27 July 2008

I am British. Therefore:

Put me in an awkward one on one situation with someone and I WILL enthusiastically pass comment on the weather.

At first glimpse of a sunny day I WILL don bikini and head to the garden with sun lotion, spend presicely 2 minutes on the sun lounger before going 'Urhhhh it's toooo hotttttt' and moving inside / to the shade.

At risk of putting these things into practice right now, I'm baffled at this weekend's weather forecast which was mostly predicted to be heavy showers and heat. Personally, in my little NW London's been sun sun sun. BBC and Google LIES.

So when at 2pm this afternoon me, my sister and her friend were sitting in the garden sweating our clothes off and wondering if we had any friends with a swimming pool, going and buying one ourselves seemed like the most natural solution.

What started off as 'let's pop to B&Q and get a little cheapy paddling pool!' soon turned to 'let's go to Argos and get one of those massive 12ft ones for £40'. In a chorus of 'WOOO YEAH! YEAH! SWEEEEET this afternoons going to be WELL GOOD!' we sped off to Argos, braved the sweating, heaving, riff-raff and screaming child filled catalogue store and returned home pretttty bloody pleased with ourselves, "pool" in hand.

Then it clouded over.
Then we realised it didn't come with a pump.
Then we found a pump but it didn't fit.
Then we waited for another friend to bring a pump round.
Then we started filling it up.
And we waited.
And waited.

I went upstairs to blog about waiting.
and back downstairs to check progress and have a paddle (not swim. yet)
Came upstairs to continue blogging
Went back downstairs to take a picture.

Still waiting.

Sun's out again, though.

Dum de da.

Yeah, maybe I'll just update you later.

Update: 6:20pm
After a couple of hours, it reached the point where I could sit in it, and around the same time, Ellie Dog started to show an interest. "Do NOT let that dog in. We've waited all day for this, and I'm not sharing my water with dog hair." And for a while, my sister helped enforce this rule.

Unfortunately, at 6pm, after 3 hours of water wastage, Ellie (blonde dog) siezed her chance at an empty pool and jumped in. "Oh for gods sake" I said, my sister laughing at the splashing dog, "It's only a bit of dog hair!"

What wasn't so funny, was when Ellie squatted...and began to wee.

Charlie quite likes the wee-flavoured water. Ellie, who has not been in since, and myself? Not so much.



theperpetualspiral said...

I am not laughing, honestly. :D

Robbie said...

If it makes things easier for you, we have a swimming pool. For next time it's warm in Britain.

Bec said...

It has been 'lovely' in the North today. I have been watching the London reports with interest. Atm it's got in down as sunny intervals for Wednesday. It had better be nice. Everything I'm planning on wearing is for good weather!

cynicalscribble said...

haha fantastic :)

biscuitinabasket said...

You are absolutely right about the weather - the sun did not even go in once in central-east london.

Whats more - the forecast fro the comming week is rain and high 20's temperature.... the Beeb really do take the biscuit (no pun intended!)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

perpetual - You are SOOOO convincing! Arrrggghhh, look at you laughing at my misfortune!

robbie - Schweeeet...Do you also have money for flights?

bec - That's the thing, the other day I took stuff to the boyfriends for work the next day and because the report said rain / cloud, I packed jeans. Sweat I did.

cynical - fantastic for the dogs who now have their own pool, yes.

biscuit - exactly! I was so baffled by the weather reports: especially as it DID rain this evening, but for presicely 5 minutes. That's it.

I bet it'll be horrible tomorrow now I've complained so much...sorry Weather God...

Miss Understood said...

What...the water's not included when you buy one of those things? How ridiculous is that?

pinkjellybaby said...

if we didn't have a pool, I think i'd get a paddling pool to put in our lounge!!!

surviving myself said...

Nice. Awesome post.

Rol said...

All British swimming pools are full of wee. I wouldn't let it bother you.

The weather forecasters haven't got a clue anymore. I think they use a tombola tin and pull out tomorrow's forecast at random. It was better when they looked at pine cones and where the cows were sleeping.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

miss - I wish. Our water bill's going to be sky high this month. Oh well. Dad's paying.

PJB - Haha, sounds a bit messy. Maybe just a foot spa?

Why thank you survivng

Rol - I don't mind swimming in people's wee as long as I can't taste it due to chlorine.



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