Thursday, 19 June 2008

Get it riiiighhhtt

It's such a minor thing

But when your name is Joanna, your email address contains the name Joanna, and the name associated with that email address is - you guessed it - Joanna...

Why do I get emails like this, regarding an application form where I have filled my first name in as, uh huh... Joanna?

"Hi Joanne

Joanne would it be posssible to let me know your surname so that i have the corect [sic] info for you."

Even at my old work when my email address was - again - Joanna plus my surname, and to find my name you had to type in my first name (that's Joanna, if you didn't catch it) and maybe a couple of letters of my surname for it to come up on the global address list...I would still get people starting the email with JOANNE.

As that annoying song currently on a loop on every radio station in the world... THAT'S NOT MY NAME!! Now, if my email address was a bit ambiguous then I might understand it, i.e, or but no. No, no no. It's not.

And yes, I did use as many "Joanna's" as possible without looking too name-obsessed in my reply. Ha.

Now...who's going to be first with the predictable comment? Oh go on then, you little scamps! Commme on...don't disappoint...someone's going to call me it....


James said...

Not going to take the bait...J..J... Why exactly had you sent in an application without giving them your surname?

London-Lass said...

Ha. Now I get the opposite problem. I have no `a' at the end of my name and yet people seem to want to always (grr) append a blimmin' `a' (rah) to the end of my name, even though they may have only just been told that my name is `such-and-such' they will still about 10 seconds later go "O `such-and-such-a' ...". Obviously my name is not actually `such-and-such' but due to blogging anonymity principles that I stick by I cannot reveal my true name. Otherwise I shall have to kill you all.

Clarissa said...

You're sounding kind of Joan of Arc. :)

Skinny Girl said...

I hate that shit. I have some difficulties with people spelling my name too. My name sounds double barreled but is actually one word. People ask me to spell my surname and then get my first name totally fucking wrong.
It's rude I tell ya!

nuttycow said...

Sorry Jane. I won't get your name wrong again.

blueskies2day said...

I have a very similar problem with my last name, which is spelt slightly different to what people ordinarily expect. People seem to think that in spelling my own name (for instance, providing them with my name and address) that I have accidentally spelt my own name wrong, and therefore they correct it. How does one spell their own name wrong? They don't, unless they're 7 years old. But people seem to think I am some sort of retard and kindly add that troublesome "missing" letter into my name before sending me letters, emails etc. It's very annoying.

rosiewishes said...

I think Joanna is always a problem one. My housemate is always going mad because people have forgotten the a.

You just reminded me of when I was around 7 and I got uninvited from going to a friend's house for tea, because her mum found a note I'd sent her in which I'd called her Joanna, when her name was Joanne.

It's obviously a very serious offense.

pinkjellybaby said...

people are stupid, it's a fact.
my middle name is Jolie....the bank likes to put 'Julie' on my cheque book.... why would I spell my own name wrong? They clearly think they know better than me..

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

james - I did give my surname but i think it didn't appear on their side for some reason, hense asking for it again...

londonlass - I feel your pain. It's so simple to just pay attention to someone's name, especially when it's written down!

clarissa - is that a good or a bad thing?

skinny girl - i have a double barrelled surname, that REALLY gets them confused.

nutty - a different name completely is somehow better than a variation of my actual name!

blue - haha, now that's a new one. I'm not sure i'd ever assume someone didn't know how to spell their own name. unless they were 5.

rosie - clearly. maybe they had bad experiences with joanna's in the past.

pink - exxaaccctly! why would we put down one name if we meant another!!

theperpetualspiral said...

I deal with one company who seem to insist that I have an 'h' in the middle of my surname.

I gave up telling them in the end.

pikz said...

i give anyone who can get either of my names right a gold star...i have the e and a issue with my first name and the surname...well i have been called 40 million different names over the years.


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