Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Alexandra 'Remember Ah Tolllld Yoouu' gets kicked off Big Brother

Another one bites the dust...

A big brother contestant mouthing off about her 'outside contacts' who will pow, pow, pow (I wonder what that implies) anyone who crosses her? In this current dodgy UK teenage stab-fest climate?

They really do get stupider every year - and I'm not sure if I'm talking about Channel 4, the contestants, or the producers for giving these sort of people airtime.

Ha. Yeah I've been watching. AND WHAT!

(and if you make fun of me for it, my friends'll get you. fact)


James said...

Jo, I must ask you to leave the blogosphere, because using intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated here.

Why do they always let the real nasties ones leave by the side door, or let them come out to no crowd. I wanted to see Alex get boooooeeedddd.

'cause Mario wouldn't of lost the vote 'cause he has a fan club, and people know him all over the country and he was on an Ant & Dec show.

Not that I have watched a single minute you understand, not one... I've eeeerrrr just overheard people talking about it.

nuttycow said...

Big Brother? What is this Big Brother?

(I *refuse* to watch it. Refuse)

I'm blocking my ears and singing loudly until all the talk to Big Brother stops.

London-Lass said...

I've never watched BB. Although did watch an interesting `heated debate' type programme between one of BB's producers and a `carefully selected handful of the general public' - no doubt made up of programme researchers, stage hands & runners dressed to look like `ordinary folk' ... but I'm moving away from my original point. Anyway, apparently anyone who didnt like the programme, or the people who end up on it, or the fact that it takes over C4's TV scheduling all summer, was a fool who didnt appreciate or understand good TV. This big fat village idiot is therefore looking forward to all the rubbish that will return once the quality entertainment that is BB ends.

Reluctant Blogger said...

I simply have no understanding of how anyone with a brain can watch BB.

Brave of me eh?

Luckily I can run very fast so hopefully you won't catch me. But I guess you could set that dog on me?

nat said...

Oh man I am right there with you. Okay so I am not watching your version being in oz and all but ours is getting dumber every year. I don't even know how they find these people.

Homer said...

Pow, pow pow? God, that's what my little sister used to threaten us with when she was 4 or 5.

Pathetic, stupid woman.

theperpetualspiral said...

BB was good in the first couple of series, when it was a novel idea. The the producers really got hold of it, so I tuned out and vowed never to return.

Therefore I have no idea what you are taking about!


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