Friday, 16 May 2008

On another toilet related note:

In the comments on my last post, Lynx asked "On a related matter, is there a "freshen-up" guy in the ladies loos as well as the gents?"

I can confirm that yes, in most London clubs and bars, they do employ someone to force a quid out of you every time you use the toilet in exchange for something to dry your hands with other than your skirt. I have ranted about such delights before.

The question reminded me of a picture I had on my phone from a few weeks ago, when me and the Hoff visited a bar called Sway in Holborn for her work mate's birthday. Funny old place that. The most entertaining thing about the night, bar the mental bloke doing the jive on his own all night and the too kool for skool ladies man complete with white linen suit doing the moonwalk into the RnB room, was the toilet attendant.

It wasn't a hugely busy night in the club, thus the attendant concerned had more time to herself. (And more time to do crack, or whatever it was that was stored in the huge suitcase next to her chair earlier on in the night). She was quite odd, often just rocking back and forth in her chair, mumbling to herself. However, my favourite bit came on our final trip to the loo before we went home, where we found her....

...yep, casually clipping her toenails onto the surrounding floor area, absolutely oblivious to anyone who might be coming in to...I don't know...freshen up or something.

Mmmm, toe cheese anyone?

Anyway - enjoy your weekend all. I'm off to Manchester with my snotty nose to see these two. Woooooooop!


rosiewishes said...

I clicked and read your "these two" link and I loved the post! I can relate to so much of it, remeniscing about doing similar things with my girls.
It's made me get all emotional about leaving uni... It's my last exam on Monday! Getting teary-eyed in the library is SO not a good look.

On the "freshen up" topic - we have them at home in the Midlands, but I don't think I've ever seen one in Liverpool!
Do they all sing the "Sexy ladies freshen up, you got to freshen up!" song, like they do back home??

surviving myself said...

mmmm... yes, please pass the toe cheese.

Clarissa said...

I walk by Sway frequently. Now, I will always think, "Gross" when walking by.

Cherub said...

Lol at your "these two" link. Reminds me of our uni days in Manchester. I miss Manchester.

theperpetualspiral said...

I detest places where they have attendants in the toilets. It puts me off my peeing because I'm too busy worrying about what potion they are going to try and give me.


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