Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tip of the day / Chocolate o'clock

In case you ever wondered how to round off the day with a tub of ice cream (for the purposes of this exercise, Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough) and a good book (for example, The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas) and enjoy both activities simultaneously, I am on hand, or err, foot to provide a demonstration. Observe.

A well positioned foot makes a wonderful bookmark (depending on the thickness of the book and foot size; chunky monkeys, sloths and those with canoes for feet may find a toe alone is adequate), and leaves both hands free to hold the tub and spoon while filling ones mouth and eyes with many spoonfuls of fatty literary goodness.

PS. I have Chocolate o'clock every day at 4pm. What's your daily must have? Lets synchronise.

Please note: the author accepts no responsibility for anyone becoming a h'absolute-fatty-bum-bum-walrus face heffa lump whinging "oh no i ate loads and now i'm huge..BURP" as a result of this blog post. Other things you can blame include nature / a slow metabolism / not liking the colour of salad, but not me. Sorry.


Reluctant Blogger said...

Glad to see it wasn't The Guardian you were reading, anyway.

I don't like ice cream strangely.

But I open my bottle of Rioja at 6pm on the dot. And I don't think that's too bad re calories. Well, I don't care if it is really. I need it. I struggle to last till 6 but I generally stay strong and hold out. So wine in one hand and usually some cooking implement in the other with which to whack the children if they come in range.

AFC 30K said...

I have feed the baby o'clock.


I then have hand the baby over to Wifey o'clock at 8:00am (together with a cup of coffee....

Clarissa said...

I like the way you take responsibility for yourself and your not-quite-yet fat ass!

theperpetualspiral said...

Nice socks :)

My daily must have is a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea in the afternoon. My not so daily routine is a cigar at the end of a long day.

London-Lass said...

I have tried reading AND eating before - but it's always ended up a bit of a mess. So bravo to your nifty `footmark' solution there Jo. Although what do you do when you have to turn the page?

PS : At 4pm I am likely to be found snaffling at a secret stash of M&S Orange Bites in my desk drawer. Secret, because my bosses are hunger-crazed piranhas when it comes to snackages being brought in to the office. And snaffling, cos I dont want them to discover my M&S tub of goodness.

Jo said...

reluctant - Haha, I like that. Do you favour a wooden spoon or a spatula as your weapon of choice?

afc - I'm glad you put 'with cup of coffee' at the end young man. good work.

clarissa - yeah well, someone has to I'm aware I'll be fat one day, I'm just making the most of it while I'm not. ;)

perpetual - They were clean ones, you're lucky. Lapsang tea? Is that herbal? I like peppermint tea. No routine on that one though.

londonlass - my toes are quite dextrous, so with a bare foot it's possible to page turn as well. Good call on the orange bites. I have my 4pm fix in a secret drawer next to my desk.

Boy said...

Mmmmmm there's a lot of ice cream going around the blogsphere at the moment. Makes me hungry.

I have to start my day with Tea. Have to. Or I don't function. Eek. I need to reduce my caffeine intake pronto.


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