Monday, 21 January 2008

We was ere....init.

On the chair lift up the mountain, Bill and Boyfriend (mine, not his) had decided they wanted more. They didn't just want piste-action, they wanted their own piste, the elusive untouched snow. Then, looking on the right hand side they found it. A slope untouched by boards or skis that they were going to make their own.

Unfortunately (for them), the only way for them to get to the top was to walk up with their boards (in about 3 ft of snow).

So they did. Like....this:

This meant that the rest of us had some time to kill. What to do? Snow angels?


Nap? Check.

Write 'cock' in said untouched snow?



With arrow pointing towards anyone who, I don't know, might be boarding down?


How about timing it perfectly so that when Bill tries to finish off his run down with a jump in the air, but instead stacks it and falls over...he does it right in front of a huge cock?


Who said graffiti was only for ASBO-weilding youths in hoodies?


AFC 30K said...

Well they do say that true comedy is all about timeing......

theperpetualspiral said...

You owe me a new keyboard. This one seems to have been covered in the orange juice that I expelled from my mouth and nose whilst reading this post.

Clarissa said...

You vixen! The cock thing is cool.

Boy said...

You couldn't write it. Hilarious. Thought of going into stand up comedy?

Bec said...

Freakin' genius.

Blue soup said...

hooligan :P

London-Lass said...

Very good. I trust the `cock photo' has been Facebook-ed and Flickr-ed to death??

<--- Jo said...

Teehee. Oh, I am naughty. I should add that Bill, being a police officer in his normal life, scrubbed out our well meaning COCK before we left the site. He felt it was his duty.

afc - the timing was exquisite.
perpetual - cheques in the post
boy - daily. unfortunately I only have a face for radio.
bec and blue - you know it.
londonlass - the final photo is taken from a video. it's going up tonight ;)


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