Friday, 18 January 2008

It's official

...I am getting slack on the blogging front. I'm thoroughly behind with reading everyone elses with 1,040 to go, and can't find the time to pen my own. Yet I have so much to share, but by the time I get home in the evening I do nooooo want to be staring at a computer screen for another couple of hours. I owe my eyes that much.

I have entered the full-time working life for the first time since err...well, ages. And I'm loving it. The surroundings are exciting, I get a buzz everytime I walk through the doors into the building every morning and so far, I've had 2 celebrity spots this week. H'oh yeah. Ok, one might have been a children's TV presenter...and the other a well known journalist...both of whom have every right to be in their place of work...but it's still exciting for me. Excuse me while I point and giggle like a little girl at a Take That concert, circa 1991.

When I was here for work experience, I mentioned one of the presenters for this particular show was a bit of a drama king. This still stands. Next week I shall endeavour to control London's traffic and ensure his taxi gets here on time, not 5 minutes late. Eek. God forbid he should have to wait.

And so we come to Friday and the long awaited weekend...I will be mostly catching up with friends who I haven't seen since New Year, spending more time with le boyfriendo and trying to find somewhere to play squash. Don't ask.

Have a good one, all. And excuse my slackness.


pink jellybaby said...

we need MORE!! come on! ;)

Jo said...

I'm trying!!!!

the boy who likes to... said...

Awww, you still have that fresh love for work. Bless. Thats cute.
I'll give it another 3 weeks - at most - before you start getting annoyed aboutthe buzz in the door, the surroundings (especially the people surrounding you) and the damn celebs that keep trying to trip you up.

James said...

You better not be heading down the road which ends in "Okay that's enough I've tried, but works got just too busy and I'm blogging less and less, and I think it's time to call this blogging malarky a day"

Because if you do that, I'll hunt you down, strap you to a computer and make you blog and read blogs all day long with only two toilet breaks every 24 hours. You have been warned.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Yeah you have been a tad slack lately. You shouldn't desert your blogging buddies - you never know when you might need them.

Glad it's going well anyway.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Jo said...

the boy - haha...long may the happiness at work continue, I say!

James - as if! I've got loads to blog's just holiday + straight into new job (and learning how to do everything) = busy Jo!

This is about the longest I've ever not blogged for guuuyyyss!

Reluctant - I'm not deserting anyone! Am working my way down the list of blogs to catch up on...fear not.

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Glad you're trying to come back :)

Glad all is well :)

Miss Understood said...

I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to handle this - all the celeb gossip without the names. It's gonna be absolute torture for me! But make sure you lap it all up in great big tonguefulls, and then spill the lot in random, yet recognisbale dribbles, ok?

AFC 30K said...

I'm with the boy who likes to.....

It's lovely to seem someone with that fresh for work enthusiasm.

As for the blogging front time and life does sometimes get in the way.

Boy said...

You and your celebrity life style! If only life were that exciting for us normal folks.

Jo said...

Frankly, scarlett - hello welcome to my blog.

Miss understood - can't be too careful these days! I shall do my best to provide you with whatever I can :D

afc - You know...I love it at the moment, who knows in a week or so I might not. But going on what the girl who did the job before me said, it's a nice place to work.

boy - hardly what I'd call a celebrity life style, I just get happy when I spot a Z lister ;)

Bec said...

Job plus blogging does not a friendly partnership make. I am going to try to leave the office at lunchtime everyday just to make sure I've got something interesting to write about!


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