Thursday, 20 December 2007

WHUCA Wednesday...(belated)

...Because you're walking too quickly for me to say it to your face

Love! 'Scuse me, love...slow down! Where you off to in such a hurry? I can't get my camera to focus when you and your spandangally trousers are moving so quickly! All I want to do is give something back to you, I think you've dropped something, is there a hole in your bag?

Quite a big bag, could probably fit your dog in it!

And, hang on...whats that in your dog's mouth? Looks like he's picked up something along the way as well!
Good boy, oh, what a well trained dog you have. You know, if I was you, instead of taking my dog on the tube I'd probably have just driven.

Oh I see, you're just off to meet your mate, there she is! Ooh blimey, her nostril doesn't half look sore.

Just quickly...What have you come as.... her?


James said...

If it wasn't for the fact that is was the Burberry tartan, I reckon that could be quite a sexy look.

I can't understand why anyone would buy Burberry now, the brand is dead and buried and I can't imagine the chavs that have taken it over actually buy anything but stolen or counterfeit copies.

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh I hate Burberry. But that car!!!!? Wow!!

Very funny as always.

Ella said...

Didnt Burberry stop making the tartan because of all the chavs? I'm sure she thinks she looks sexy

London-Lass said...

I think anything looks silly if over done. Less is definitely more.

AFC 30K said...

'Less is definitely more'

Oh London-Lass, I couldn't agree more.


weenie said...

Errr...when my mum was over in the UK this sumer, the first shop she wanted to go to in London was Burberry and I was quite horrified when she picked up several items in the dreaded tartan!

However, she lives in Hong Kong where the Burberry brand is still really big and unhijacked by chavs so I'll forgive this little fashion faux pas!

Miss Understood said...

I very nearly...very very nearly...bought a burberry bikini a few years ago. But that was when I didn't realise what it was, so I can be forgiven.

She looks bloody awful.


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