Tuesday, 25 December 2007

How to Cure a Hangover

Yeah that's right, I'm blogging on Christmas day. Why? Here's why. I've found the cure.

After sending a text of 'Anyone suitably bored' to the friends last night, we ended up trotting off to the only place around here that 1) was not ticketed entry and 2) had room to move inside. It also had entertainment (live, no less) in the shape of 'Dave Parry - Amazing Vocalist', who I expect lists 'googling himself' alongside singing in his list of hobbies, so at the risk of offending his rather "fun" sparkley jacket choice, I shall say no more.

Considering the wine bottle count equated to one each by the end of the evening, with a couple of vodkas to wash it down, I'm happy to say that this morning, lovely Christmas morning, day of wonder and delight and PREESSSEENNTSSSS and FOOOOOD, I'm feeling fine. Nay, in fact, I'm feeling decidedly perky.

Hense the blogging action because I've woken up even before Christmas kicks off in my house; the parents are out with my dogs, the sister is wrapping presents and I am busy revelling in the wonder that is getting drunk and feeling ok the next morning. As you'll know, my track record this year for such things has been less than "perky" or "fine" and more "vomit enducing" and "Oh, I think I'm going to be sick...I better get off this train".

I drank three pints of water before bed last night, and one contained this fizzing miracle called Berocca. I chased that hangover away with strength and verocity...and water. Lots of water. And fizziness.

Enjoy the day, all. I am going to dance around my Christmas tree singing "The pigs in blankets are calllllling meeeeeee" (a song I made up).


Clarissa said...

I think that you and I are the only ones in blogland today! I was feeling so lonely ... but hurray for you! Good on you on the hangover cure. It does sound as if you took proper precautions, though I would like an update later today ... to see if the hangover was permanently avoided or if it did catch up w/ you.

Wonderful Xmas to you darling!

Perpetual said...

I've already taken he dog out twice and she is looking forward to some of the beef joint - I can tell because she keeps going to the oven to look a it!

Merry Christmas :)

James said...

Hurraahh for blogging on Christmas Day, and hurrahh for the lack of a hangover

Jo said...

Blooody hell, 3 comments. Now I wasn't expecting that. Was expecting tumbleweeds to blow past.

OH who just saw Eastenders??? Shocking.

A lesson has been taught to all those who dare fall asleep early in my house this year. I'll keep you informed..

Ella said...

My Lord, Eastenders had me on the edge of my seat!! I was watching them show the dvd through my fingers and don't get me started on poor Tanya .... As for Berocca, it is the greatest hangover cure and one I have been using since my uni days. Shame it makes your pee glow in the dark orange though!!!

Jo said...

Yes!! I was wondering if that was just me! Bright orange!

Alas, Christmas day is nearly over. Eastenders was cracking :D

theperpetualspiral said...

I accidentally saw about 10 seconds of Eastenders, before I realised I'd selected the wrong channel. Does that count?

Jo said...

Ohhh you meant to do it - couldn't keep away from BBC1 eh! :D

the boy who likes to... said...

No way! I cant believe you had to wait until at least 11 to open your presents.
I got up quite late for Christmas (about 8ish) and everyone else was up within the hour and opening all presents soon after.
Had I let the girlfriends parents/sister get their way we would of still all been alseep and present opening would of been after 1pm. Thats gotta be illegal!


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