Friday, 14 December 2007

Fearne Cotton in Facial Hair SHOCK!

It appears that what she lacks in talent, devil woman Fearne Cotton now makes up for in hair. Pictured at the 2007 I AM ANNOYING...FACT Awards this weekend, Cotton was happily flaunting her new look in what appears to be an attempt at muffling her deeply irritating voice with face furniture. Fearne Cotton is not the only celebrity to use hair to their advantage and she is clearly following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, who grew her armpit hair and eyebrows in an attempt to attract a transsexual fanbase earlier this year. Fearne's hairy move comes as part of a new ITV audience initiative, entitled 'More Fur, Less of Her' and coincides with the X Factor Final on Saturday, where Ferne's last ditch attempt at being sincere and unpatronising in an interview will be aired live on ITV2.

Speaking of her new facial fluff, Ferne said in a rather muffled voice "I do care about the people I interview, especially the no-hopers on X-Factor who look to me on the weekly shows for guidance and honest opinions. My facial hair is just my way of showing the real me - I'm not trying to out shine any of them in the talent stakes". When asked about being given the chance to mess up an interview with Princes William and Harry at the Concert for Diana in September, Cotton denied arse kissing, instead insisting "They were hilarious, I genuinely found everything they said very very funny".

After X Factor has concluded its search for the next forgotten popstar, Ferne will be moving between programmes, literally, as the face of Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get. You heard it here first.


James said...

I had to look so closely to realise that you had actually manipulated that photo. Your MS Paint skills are to die for.

Alex said...

I have to admit, I'm also impressed with yo mad skillz. I also have to admit I'd buy razors from a company she advertisied for. Mainly because her facial hair is so much more impressive than mine!

Reluctant Blogger said...

you really are very funny!

Not sure the Royal Princes will be quite so keen on the arse-licking/kissing or whatever now she has sprouted all that fluff - might get a bit itchy?

Steph said...

I love how she's shaped her beard. Very stylin'.

Jo said...

James - Yeah well, its taken years to perfect it but I think I'm almost there...Godess of MS Paint. I surprise even myself.

alex - It's quite an incentive, isn't it? Fearne cotton's big, bushy beard, eyebrows and tasche. Mmmmm, hotty.

reluctant - merci buckets, but this is a serious matter and complete fact...I assure you.

steph - She'd like you to think she's all stylish n that...don't let the beard fool you. She's a horror.

James said...

Ha... Have you noticed what it says when you hover over your blog name in my blogroll? It was written before your latest Fearn post.

Jo said... true, so true!


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