Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Stupid phone

Yeah, that's right...whoever had the bright idea to make touch screen phones is an absolute numpty.
Specifically, this phone. The MagicBox Touch phone, or, The most magically ridiculous piece of technology I have witnessed this year.

"Ooh, I know, lets have the buttons which dial the number, make the call and hang up all on the flat bit and have them touch sensitive!"
"That's Brilliant, Jones! Now whenever someone wants to hang up on the
person they're talking to, all they'll have to do is press the phone against
their face! Genius!"

Who was the brains of this operation? Every time I make a call with this damn phone and choose to have a private conversation rather than promoting it on loudspeaker to the rest of the house, unless I hold it angled away from my face....beep! It hangs up.
So that's annoying me.

And I've just found out that the thing I was waiting for now isn't going to happen at all, because despite the people who I would be working for being very interested in taking me on, and them knowing I can do the job, the bigwigs at the top are saying they can't interview me because of the job cuts at the moment. Numbers, in other words. Which means that my mum will look at me and go 'Oh, that's disappointing', my dad will go 'Oh well' and I'll go back to the drawing board job-wise.

Thank god I held my mouth and only told a select couple of people about it to begin with.

Altogether now....


the boy who likes to... said...

*Points at Steve Job and Apple*
Blame them!

mjohnson said...

To say thanks to all the guys who didn't give you the job you could always send them a phone.

AFC 30K said...


Bec said...

It's the perfect phone to get rid of cold callers though!

Miss Understood said...

Oh, sorry to hear that Jo. Pants indeed.

pink jellybaby said...

oh crap. but that phone is pretty!

Blue Soup said...

Pants indeed. :(

Jo said...

the boy- I Shall!

mjonson - inspired idea!

afc - my words exactly (although not whilst on the phone to the woman)

bec - unless you want to wind them up first. otherwise it cuts you off mid- wind up.

miss understood - c'est la vie, eh? maybe there's a reason for it.

pjb - do not be fooled (like my parents were) by its cool exterior. it's evil.

blue soup - hallo. big, shiny, huge, grey, unelasticated granny pants to be exact. bah.

James said...

Double extra big PANTS

Sorry a bit late there...

kit lizette said...

Yes, PANTS!! you never know though, they might change their mind, get back to you in the new year etc. YOu never know. Still pants though.

Will keep fingers crossed!

Jo said...

Better late than never james!

Kit - I've emailed my CV off to the agency that supplies that particular we'll see.


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