Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Oh Cold Callers, let me count the ways...

Ring Ring...Witheld Number on the house phone in the afternoon. Suspicions are already raised.

"Hello, can I speak to Mr. Blah Blah-Blahson please?"
"Sorry, Mr Blah-Blahley isn't here at the moment, can I take a message?"
"No, I'll call back later"
"Ok, can I tell him who called?"
"No, it's ok, I'll call back later"
"I'd like to tell him who called"
"I'll call back later"

I'm beginning to notice a pattern. Amused, I continue.

"Can I tell him who called?"
"I'll call back later"
"I know you will, but can I tell him who called?"
"And where are you calling from?"
"I'll call back later"
"Sorry, where are you calling from?"
"I'll call back later. Thank you"

*Click* Paul, on facing this difficult line of questioning, has hung up.

Not automated believe it or not, but just as annoying. If you're going to make a dodgy sales call, first, get the name of the person you're calling right, as it generally makes people less suspicious. Then, be prepared to tell them where you're calling from...it's kind of polite when you're calling someone's house phone. Why the secrecy Paul? Oooh, the pesky little scamp. I'll get 'im next time.


AFC 30K said...

Yep - all very annoying

Reluctant Blogger said...

haha yeah I agree - those people make me fume. I usually pass the phone to my five-year-old who will happily chat for hours to someone who is not listening!! If you want to borrow him, just say!

James said...

Maybe Paul has a really important secret message to deliver to Mr Blah-blahley...

Note to self, must remember that Spooks is just a TV program.

Ella said...

I have such an overactive imagination whenever I get cold callers I think someone's watching me, stalking me, plotting to murder me etc ...

Jo said...

It has been suggested that next time he calls, and says "Hello can I speak to Mr Blah-Blahley?" I should answer "Yes, that's me"

That'll fox 'im :D

Karissa said...

Oh I hate that, we used to get them all the time. As soon as I had deciphered it wasn't someone I knew or the bank, I'd hang up. I never used to be able to just hang up on people, it's nice the cold callers were there to help me get over that.


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