Thursday, 22 November 2007

C'est la vie...

Thank you for the resounding chorus of 'pants' that accompanied my last post. When you've been on hold for 1 week it's bad enough, but to be in limbo for 2 weeks is a bit much. However, the apology came with an invite to the programme's Christmas wrap party and an assurance that my CV is doing the rounds at the rather large broadcasting company. So all is not lost.

Disappointed, and given that the next two days were now free, I headed to the boyfriend's house in Fulham where we ate fajitas, watched England lose at the football and err, well...remember Fimo? The modelling clay that you put in the oven? I'd bought him a kit for £6 the other week (the random presents are always the best) and last night we sat on his bed and I made a penguin with a green scarf, and he made a duck. He attempted a walrus but gave up after the head fell off. Once I've cooked them I'll put a picture up so you can see that my talents don't just stretch to MS Paint.

I've found it particularly difficult to leave so I have a feeling I may still be here, in bed with my Jilly Cooper novel, when he gets in from work. This morning I watched the epitome of British daytime TV, a little gem called 'Cash in the Attic'. Watch, as families get antiques experts in to empty their house of all valuables, heirlooms and furniture, in order to auction it all off for a day out in Skegness. "Never mind grannie's 100 year old wedding ring passed down from generation to generation, we can nip to Alton Towers on the way home! C'mon kids!"

By the way, you've all read about my dislike of football...but I must say I did extract a great pleasure from the sacking of the England Coach after last night's defeat. You see, here we have that age old, yet seemingly forgotten sequence of Action (or inaction) -> consequence: a process that should be applied more often.


pink jellybaby said...

i LOVE Fimo... i've not used that stuff in years, i want some now!

The Inky Thinker said...

Isn't there an action gourp against baking animals in the oven?

Jo said...

PJB - john lewis sell it. I got a cheapo alternative 'sculpey' but still just as good. shape and bake!

inky thinker - hallo, welcome. Oooh, I hadn't considered that. Shizzle...I'm going to hell.

AFC 30K said...

Imerse yourself in the good thinks in life! Whilst life is tough (as I'm finding at the moment) there are some great things just around the corne in terms of a job I'm sure

londongirl said...

Which jilly cooper? I do like a bit of a trashy read occasionally.

Perpetual said...

I has the misfortune to have to watch five days of daytime TV when I was hospital earlier this year.

I quickly concluded it was utter gash, with 'Cash in the Attic' being very up that list.

Bec said...

All day reading in bed... heaven!

Miss Understood said...

I used to make Fimo fridge magnets and sell them, a very long time ago. I want some!

Reluctant Blogger said...

I've obviously never lived since that was the first I had heard of Fimo. John Lewis announced yesterday that they were opening loads more stores - perhaps it was the run on Fimo that prompted that?
Whatever you think about football, the manager was PANTS and he had to GO!

Jo said...

afc - no doubt, my options are again open. I've got some things planned for the new year - a change of direction - so it's all good.

londongirl - her new one called "Wicked!", so far so good. Have you read Polo?

perpetual - daytime TV makes me cringe. bargain hunt, cash in the attic etc all have the most frustrating people on them.

bec - Team America followed by a reading sesh. The ultimate lazy day!

Miss understood - haha no way. I think I may have done the same, although just for our fridge.

reluctant blogger - You're missing out on Fimo. Or at least, you missed out when you were like 12. You're missing out now if you have a nostalgia for playdoh, modelling clay, and all things 1990s ;)


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