Friday, 19 October 2007

TV Debuts

That's right, blink and you'll miss it...but I was on TV for a whole MINUTE this week (apparently...I haven't myself on screen yet, but not to worry the parents recorded it). If you're in Britain and you watch TV in the evening you probably saw me without even realising. That's a little bit weird isn't it? By my calculations, with 3 weeks to go on this job, and if we're going by Big Brother standards...I'll be H'ACTUALLY FAMOUS by the end of it. HEAT MAGAZINE here I come! You know you've made it when you get the requisite texts and phone calls to the house 'I saw Jo on blah blah tonight!' - Oh yeah. I've hit the big time, baby.

In other news, yesterday I went on a shoot. Extras and actresses maaaan...I do NOT know how they do it. Seriously. Me and a couple of other work experience types were extras for the day in this weird bar thing in Notting Hill, where we had to stand around and basically do the same thing over...and over...and...ovverrrr...and OVER again for hours. Then we got sent away. Then we got called back. Then we got sent away again because they weren't ready. We went to Starbucks. We went to a pub in Portobello Road with midget doors. We went back. Maybe if I was getting paid it wouldn't have been such a pain in the arse, but bloooody hell. Tough day.

And the most frustrating thing about filming is that you can't look where you want to look - yes, right at the camera. You want to stand there and stare at the presenter doing his / her thing and marvel at the effortless way they shmooze onto screen. Na-uh. "No looking at the camera guys! Carry on doing your thing in the background!"...I imagine it's a bit like being a security guard at the Rugby World Cup final (tomorrow), having to watch the crowd instead of the main action and getting a bollocking if they catch a glimpse of the game.

In other news I'm meeting up with a friend from uni tomorrow, I suggested she come over here. It's a bit annoying, but we always have to meet in the day time, like we'll set a day weeks in advance then not arrange what we're gonna do until the day (or in this case night) before. Wondering around central's out because the crowds for the world cup will be mental mental chicken I've invited her over here, initially I thought for the night as the 'rents are out, but she's got to be back home by 6ish. She lives outside of London. It strikes me as a bit pointless, to arrange to meet someone you haven't seen in ages yet not keep the whole day and night free. Alas, these are busy times we live in I suppose.

Anywho, have a good weekend folks and apologies for the slack posting this week. I got a great WHAAAAT HAVE YOU COOMMME ASSSSSS the other day pon da tube which will excite you all greatly. Enjoy the rugby...


Hannah said...

Hmm. Hactual famousness is overrated in my limited experience, unless you're counting the free booze. Which, let's be honest, is the cat's pyjamas. Get yourself a big pair of sunnies, dahling!

Steph said...

Pah to the poxy rugby!!!

That is all.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Didn't enjoy the rugby quite so much as I'd hoped ..... but they didn't disgrace us.
So you're going to be famous, are you? Does this mean you'll be getting someone to ghost-write your blog, will be dieting down to a size Zero-Zero, will be banning your staff from looking you in the eye and will be phoning up the newspapers to tell them where you are and then complaining about the papparazzi?!

Jessica said...

I've been an extra a few times to make up the numbers, on one occasion I got in the way of the 'talent'.

But those directors think the world revolves around them sometimes!

mjohnson said...

What is the Youtube thing? can we see you'se on the telly on Y'tube?


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