Thursday, 4 October 2007

Good news and stupid drivers

Turns out I successfully fought off the opposition and bagged myself 4 weeks work experience at a verrry good place to get work experience. It's unpaid but I'm not that bothered, seeing as it's clearly experience that's stopping me getting a paid job. Needs must! I'm well excited as it's on a programme that goes out live as well which will be cool to experience. Anyway - can't say too much but at least things are definitely looking up!

Now all I have to worry about is WHAT THE BLOODY HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR...I've been living in jeans for the last 4 years! Arrghhhhhhhh...A shopping opportunity beckons.

Anyway, you didn't come here to read about happy things. On the way to the cinema last night with my friend Hoff something happened that irritates me SO MUCH, but I'm absolutely powerless to do anything about it, which in turn makes it more irritating. Plus it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm driving up the road and it's dark, turn the corner and there's this car whose come out of a drive way and is either stopped across my lane, or is moving at the speed of a paralysed snail across it to go the other way. Because it's dark and his headlights are obviously facing across the road rather than down it, I don't see the little scamp until I'm fairly close. The road on the other side is clear. You'd think on seeing an approaching car this bloke would get a bloody move on, but does he? No, he sits there, sideways on in my lane, crawling across. So I slow down and beep my horn in a 'get out of the bloody way, chop chop don't take all night' and instead of apologising or, even better, getting a move on, the man removes his hand from the steering wheel, thus slowing himself down even more...and gives me the two finger salute. With a flick of the fingers he's off in the right direction and out of my life. But HOW RUDE!

It's like hang on're taking up the whole road, not to mention I've seen fat people diet faster than you're turning and you're swearing at ME? What is with that reflex people in cars seem to have when they're in the wrong and then they get nasty? Is it embarrassment or what? It didn't even annoy me until he swore at me, I wasn't honking my horn because I was pissed off, I was honking it for the reason it's there for: letting another driver know that I was there and coming towards them. Pulling out into the road like that you're gonna cause an accident - so don't get your knickers in a twist with ME, I'm on the right side of the road and you're blocking it. HRH Royal Arse on Wheels indeed.

Annnnd then we went to see Run Fatboy Run which was very amusing, and I switched places with Hoff so that I didn't have to sit next to a bratty 12 year old eating popcorn. The End.


Marika said...

Firstly, you have a friend called Hoff? Are you ever tempted to throw in a furtive 'The' before their name?

Secondly, congrats on the work experience! Hope it goes swimmingly.

Thirdly, that was SO uncalled for. He will get his dues at the pearly gates of traffic court one day, don't you worry.

Jessica said...

I almost had an unfortunate incident while driving too, what is it with men drivers, they just can't do it!

Jo said...

Marika - haha, I wish her name was Hoff :D It's just a nickname. But yes I often do refer to her as The's like her full title.

Jessica- And they complain about us...I say it's pretty even you know.

Steph said...

You should have ran the fecker over.

the boy who likes to... said...

Congrats on the job.

And hoorah for a reason to go shopping.! (This comment was made to try and calm the ill feelings between women and men in these comments at the moment :D)

AFC 30K said...

Women and men can all be bad drivers, but stereotypically for different reasons. Equally men and women can make excellent drivers.

Being and advanced driver (training to be an instructor don't you know) it pisses me off everyday when I see such stupid things.

Incedentally, you were right to sound your horn as a method of letting tosspot know you were there. (the Highway Codes say's so..)

Hannah said...

Oooh - congrats on the work experience! What ARE you going to wear?

Jo said...

steph - and damage my beautiful car? You must be kidding :D

the boy - cheeeers...i know, didn't really mean to man bash. Was kinda on about drivers of both sexes. never mind :D

afc - correcto...I know my handbook...I just skipped the bit about 'No access' signs.. eek

Hannah - oh god says smart / casual...what does that mean!!


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