Friday, 26 October 2007

Arrogance... definitely the least attractive human quality.

It is a trait possessed by a well known TV presenter, who, despite coming across on screen as the kind of bloke you could approach and discuss the world with, is actually a bit of a tosser. "So what?" I hear you cry - "that's TV personalities for ya". Indeed, but bare with me, I'm learning...and so are my fellow work experience friends who are as permanent a fixture on the show as the presenters themselves, ferreting away in the background and, lets not forget, all for free.

So why this particular presenter lords it about the place; the only person on set to do so, as even the other presenter is friendly and up for a laugh, is beyond me. On being asked to sit at a desk which happens to be occupied by Monsieur Arrogance when he is in the studio, my friend The Loudmouth followed the floor managers instructions and sat herself down, running her eyes over the script laid down in front of her and waiting for rehearsals (note, rehearsals) to begin. Suddenly a voice bellows out across the studio.

"What are you doing sitting there? She's at my desk."
"Err, I was put here"
And, snatching the script away "She's looking at my inbox. She can see all my emails. She's nosing all over the script"

Would that be the script you're about to recite in front of all of us, and the cameras...and the nation? Ah, yes. Of course, better keep that secret then.

Oh and your inbox? All those curious, oh-so-interesting headings reading 'no subject' in a grid next to dates and times? Better make sure we're not setting up a direct hotline to Heat magazine, and telling them all about it, eh?

Loudmouth just laughed at him and got up, only for another work experience girl to take her place at the instructions of the floor manager 2 minutes later. He really is an arse of epic proportions, egotistical and no doubt the stuff journalists are generally made of. However, this isn't the first time he's laid into a work experience person, last week he went off on one at Drama Girl for standing to the side of the camera, watching the presenters as she waited to get by. "Stop, stop everything." and he turned to her. All production eyes turning to the girl standing to the side of the shot with the Starbucks coffee in her hand. "Are you standing there for a reason? Right in view of the cameras?" he asked aggressively. As it turned out everyone was baffled, they couldn't tell who he was yelling at because she wasn't in the way at all.

Maybe it's last minute nerves...? You'd think someone with his experience would be able to be courteous, even tolerant of those around him, being an old hand at live TV... however as I google His Name and 'Arsehole' and note the array of results, I do wonder whether insecurity might play a part in his bully-boy nature.

I wonder when it'll be my turn to be on the receiving end of one of his rants. Bring it on, say I. Now that'd be an experience.


Miss Understood said...

Have you got any idea how many hours I've been wasting trying to work out what this damn show is, and who you're talking about? Briish TV...evenings...two presenters, one male (the other female?), based in an office...

The news?
Grandstand? Lol.


James said...

Ha Ha... I second what Miss Understood has just said. As interesting and as enthralling the post is, I'm reading it thinking...

... Now what show could this be? Maybe it's This Morning, but would Schofield be so horrible... How about The Wright Stuff that Matthew Wright seems a bit arrogant. But then those shows probably wouldn't have rehearsals and if they did, not during the hours Jo works...

Give us some more clues please.

AFC 30K said...

It must be the One show - is it Adam Chiles?

Perpetual said...

Can we at least get a clue as to the TV channel? :)

Ella said...

I assumed Big Broadcasting Company was BBC, or is that just too easy?

Jo said...

Haha...check you lot out trying to work out where I am :-D

Guess away...but I'm not going to give any clues Perpetual, at least not while I'm still working here. I believe that would be shooting myself in the foot, it's a google-able offence!

All I'll say is Miss Understood, AFC and James are alllll wrong and Ella, who knows?


Steph said...

I hate wankers like that. He needs to be brought down a peg or three and you're just the girl to do it ;)

Don't disappoint me now!

Clarissa said...

You would put him in his place, wouldn't you.

Jo said...

Steph & Clarrisa - Ohhh he'll regret the day he tries to mess with me.


Hannah said...

Urgh. You have my TOTAL sympathy. The Minor Sleb: a breed of wanker all to its own.

London-Lass said...

This is very loosely connected ... but I heard Dermot Murnaghan having this real hissy fit bout 2 weeks ago whilst watching BBC Breakfast. Cameras had gone off him and his co-presenter and on to Declan Curry (the financial guy) in another studio. However, Dermot's mike was still switched on. I remember thinking "F*ck me" as I nearly choked on my cornflakes whilst I heard Dermot clearly berating (shouting) about cameras being on him (or something). And then when we returned back to the main studio, Dermot was sitting in his chair as if butter wouldnt melt. Now I'd always thought Dermot to be an easygoing dude .. just goes to show!


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