Wednesday, 5 September 2007

With love from The Ass and The Moron xx

I shared my views on tipping on a blog post I stumbled across last week. Teehee. Let me assure you that what I said was a very short summary of what I posted on here.

The response there was slightly different to you lot.

Sorry, love...what was that? Gramm-er? Eek, that's awkward. I doubt she was trying to be ironic. But then, it got better. Someone named themselves after me. Oh, fame at last

That was response 98.

Jo the Cheap-Loser-Ass-Moron and her rather British views are causing quite a stir on the other side of the pond it would seem. I'm sure I'd have paid much more attention to the above writer's information, had they avoided using insults as the bookends to their post. I find it invalidates rather than strengthens an argument, don't you? But strangely, it wasn't the opinions and name-calling that fusses me. In fact, if someone could also call me a weasel and a dork then that'd be today's 80s throwback experience sorted. No, no, no. I'm just rather surprised at how rude they were. Most bloggers I come across are all quite civilised and polite; like we're a cut above the anonymity of chat rooms and slanderous message boards. An upper class version of internetting, if you will.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. For me, it was rather like when I was in Australia, walked the wrong way out of Sydney train station and ended up in the arse end of somewhere, with tramps sitting on benches yelling drunken insults at passers by.

I also wanted to say how glad I am to have a nice lot of readers, who are all a bit better at expressing themselves than the angry people I came across on there. I've written about racism, pikey Northeners, and other things that could touch a nerve, but it's all well received. Hooray.

And readers, take note. Correcting someone else's spelling and grammAr is a risky business and should not be undertaken unless you are fully proficient in both areas.

Anyway, today I am hungover. There is only one thing for it. The tube strike will not stop me. It will only make Oxford Street quieter. I shall shop.


the boy who likes to... said...

Damn those yanky bastards correcting our English. Bah humbug.

Also, are any of your other readers having problems with your RSS feeder reader thing?

I've not been getting any of your posts on my Google Reader and just get errors. Weird!

London-Lass said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jo:) 23 is a marvellous age. Although I was a bit of a 10 tonne Hessie then but enough about me and my moment of getting stuck in a dead-end job and eating nothing but Kelloggs Crunchie Nut Cornflakes when I got in at night. PS : Why cant people just play nicely? It is *just* a blog when all's said & done .. if you dont like it, dont read it. Simple as.
PS : I dont RSS as I am that old-fashioned - instead I type in your URL every time I wanna visit. See how much effort I make just to read your postings?

Jo said...

The boy - how curious...I shall have a fiddle around on the settings thingie, knowing me I probably altered something in a stroke of technological genius the other day. Hmmmm.

londonlass - 23 is rather nice. I'm sort of old but not, wiser but not mature. And the effort is much appreciated...retro is in now, anyways! ;)

the boy who likes to... said...

Jo, whatever you have done it has worked.
I've just received a whole bqunch of your posts.
So whatever you have done, leave it like that..and...slowly......back.......away........from..........the.........settings.

Jo said...


James said...

By the way... I had the problem with google reader also, but it seems to have fixed itself.

lorna said...

Ahh Jo, this post made me laugh. Heartily (well in my head anyway, since I am ostensibly correcting undergraduate papers at the moment). I find it amusing that you took such pains to specifically contextualize the "tipping issue" in light of the norms on your side of the pond and, nonetheless, my dumbass country-folk feel the need to brow beat you with the tipping standards on our side of the pond. fuckers. it's called close reading folks, get on it follow yanks.

Jo said...

Oh lorna, don't worry I won't tar every american with the Thicky brush, however those lot were particularly dim...If I can tell instantly whether someone is American, surely they can sniff out a Brit? Ho Hum.

Shameless said...

Hilarious. and Damn Pizza Express. Once when I went they served up some form of chicken pizza with only 3 measly pieces of chicken on it. They also handily left a "what did you think" survey on my table which I duly filled out expressing my discontent at so little chicken and popped it in the post and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks later a very apologetic letter arrived from Pizza Express with some free vouchers. It pleased me.
No cheese no tip I say.

Anne said...

I think that sometimes some Americans seem to forget we gave them a language to use, so it's disappointing to think that they've decided to show their thanks by bastardising it. But that is all I'll say on the issue before I get too passionate about it.

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your enlightening posts continue for another year! If only a few others had the same sense as you do!


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