Monday, 17 September 2007

Mystery revealed

On Friday I was whisked off toooooo..... Centre Parcs in Thetford Forest. For non Brits, it's like a holiday village in the middle of a forest where you hire bikes, swim in this massive dome thing til 10 at night, there's rapids and slides and stuff (ohhhh yeah, "RACE YA DOWN!!" return to my youth), a massive lake for sailing and pedalo-ing...loads to do, or not depending on how you want to spend your weekend. For the Brits: it's Butlins for Better People, i.e. not a Red Coat or Sovereign ring in sight (for the most part).

When I found out where we were going (that'd be when we pulled into the place then) I was suddenly age 10 again, babbling incoherantly and jumping around the car like a mentalist child, asking my knackered boyfriend questions about the weekend ahead. This is because my family, and a friend of mine and my sister's choice used to go away for a weekend every November with a huge group of parent's friends and kids to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. I used to bloody love it then and always wondered if it was the nostalgia of youth that made it so good or if it would keep me just as entertained aged 23. Hurrah! It was a great weekend. We stayed in the hotel which had this revolving restaurant floor which was a bit strange, made me feel a bit dizzy n that so thank god I didn't have a hangover or things would have got mess-eeey pon de croissants.

Me and the boyfriend managed to work our way through around 7 bottles of wine which was quite impressive and I succeeded in turning his long awaited "relaxing weekend" into National Jo Weekend...i.e. I'd bounce off the walls wanting to go for a bike ride / swimming / squirrel catching / duck hunting / eating generally / adventure playground-ing and he'd sit there going 'Jooo, I just want to relax!' then I'd go 'But it's my birrrrrthdayyyy' which it wasn't because my birthday was like 2 weeks ago...and then he'd go 'Oh alright then, what do you want to do' and I'd go 'WAAHHHOOOOOOO' and off we'd go.
Today this well made me laugh...this old couple in a pedalo on the lake wearing bike helmets...beecaaaause.....?? Safety first Norman!!

So that was my weekend. Not so much to rant about today - I'm pooped / knackered / sleepyface, however tomorrow it's all about why football pisses me off something rotten. Ohhh yeah.

Oh and tomorrow is Mystery Night #2, i.e. my turn to surprise the BF. Who are we going to see at a venue in London? Hmmmmmm! Merci buckets for all the comments received over the weekend, I'll be on the case asap...


Miss Understood said...

So did you do sunbathing with your shades on in a really hot room?
God. I'd pay £400 just to do that for a few hours right now.
I've never been, but it's on my agenda.
Glad you had fun :)

londongirl said...

sounds fab. And sounds like the boyf is a superstar.

Anonymous said...

If you loved Sherwood Forest in your childhood you might want to visit and register to support its bid for Lottery funding - it needs YOUR vote to win - and Sherwood could become even more fantastic with plans for world-class visitor attractions that will protect the ecology for years to come too! Ask your mates to visit - Sherwood's worth fighting for!!!

Jo said...

Miss - Nope no sunbathing was had in hot rooms...although the boyfriend did disappear into a metal booth for a couple of minutes, only to poke his head out and say 'Am I tanned?' 'No, love, you have to put money in first'

london girl - Correcto...He's the best boyfriend in the world ever. He even produced a well concealed bottle of champagne on the table outside our room on the last night. Perfecto :D

anon - merci buckets for the linkage - sherwood forest is definitely a goer...I'l check it out.

the boy who likes to... said...

Ive been to Centre Parcs only once, but when I went I felt like a kid...I was only about 11 at the time though.

Perhaps the people were wearing crash helmets incase they turned too fast in teh boat, fell out and hit their head on a wave?

Damn it woman. I wish you would just tell us what your secret is? Ive been waiting to find out for ages


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