Wednesday, 29 August 2007

WHUCA Wednesday

Oh it's that time of year when everyone seems to be getting awfully confused about what they should be wearing...will it be hot, will it be cold, are these earrings going to weigh me down. What better way to show these people the errors of their ways than by giving them their own slot on my blog?

Ladies, Ladyboys, Gents, Boys, Blokes and whales and other creatures...I give you

"What Have U Come As?" Wednesday

...because I'm too scared to say it to your face

Presenting this wonderful ensemble I caught whilst nipping round a supermarket yesterday:

Now this exemplifies the 'girls who wear ugg boots in summer' choice on the poll over there perfectly. I'm not saying that England has had a particularly amazing summer this year, in fact it's been shit, rainy and frankly awful. But the last couple of weeks, it's actually been ok. Yesterday, when I took this picture, it was even sunny. Yeah. I shit you not. The odd cloud, but relatively warm (even up north). So tell me folks, what's wrong with this picture? I'm not sure where a pair of fluffy, sheepskin Ugg boots really fit in to the whole supermarket expedition. Is she fearing the cold of the frozen foods section? Perhaps she is looking to endear herself to an eskimo in the refrigerated meat aisle? And I don't even want to know what her feet are like. Stinky Mc Sweatalot me thinks.

Feel free to snap and send your own 'What have you come as' if you find any...we all like a laugh. The email is in the sidebar.



AFC 30K said...

An Aussie former collegue of mine assured me that Uggies were only worn by the Australian equivalent of Chavs.

Apparently, no self respecting Aussie should ever wear Uggies.

London-Lass said...

What is it with this Uggies phenomenon..? Come on girlies .. have a thought for yourself! Stop reading those effin' annoyin' Closer, Heat, Reveal mags and following every single darn thing those celebs/non-celebs wear .. you'll feel so much better for it.

Drama Queen said...

No way. How did you get away with that without them seeing you?

the boy who likes to... said...

I think she looks good. At least she is comfortable.

Jo said...

afc - The weird thing is, as winter clothing I can kind of understand it...but in summer? chav or no chav, thats just odd.

londonlass - here here! YEAAAHH! Boycott Heat! (Ignores the fact that Jo actually bought and read Heat yesterday. Hey, it was a 'I've finished my dissertation so I'm going to read crap!' thing)

DQ - because I am the embodiment of STEALTH.

the boy - Dungarees are comfortable. Crocs are comfortable. Heeled trainers for back pain are comfortable. Velour tracksuits are comfortable. The knitted jumper your nan bought you for christmas is probably comfortable, but that doesn't make it RIGHT!

londongirl said...

It's rare to see someone look hot in uggs. And I mean hot in the attractive sense, of course. Sweaty, yes.

It's an odd choice for summer, certainly.

Mike from Adelaide said...

As an Aussie in Australia, I see Uggies all the time. If people stopped wearing them, what would I do with lunchtimes instead of Uggie spotting?

Jo said...

londongirl -'s just weird that they're suddenly everywhere and it's summer. Looks odd.

mike - Helllo, welcome. If people stopped wearing Uggs you could count everyone wearing leggings. Is that an Australian fashion thing too?

Anonymous said...

If you actaly read the slip you get with your uggs it says they can be warn in the summer and winter because of their material.

Anonymous said...

True! The sheep skin keeps the feet at body temperature no matter what the weather so i think its perfectly acceptable to wear comfy boots to the supermarket rather than bloody heels!

Anonymous said...

I and alot of guys secretly think they are very hot. Especially on a cute girl with nice legs and stockings. I imagine their pretty little feet and toes tucked away in there. Mmm, I love having sex with a girl wearing them.


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