Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lots of useless bullet points

  • This morning my dissertation was printed off and delivered to the binders. It will be picked up on Friday and handed in. Hurrah!
  • On Friday I return to London to start life as a Non Student (boooooooo)
  • I also get to see Ze Boyfriendinio who is welcome to buy me Jo Appreciation presents.
  • This gives me 3 days to do absolutely nothing.
  • I could get my hair done, get a manicure, drive to fun places like Leeds and York and shop!
  • Unfortunately, I have £37 in my bank account.
  • Never mind, it's my birthday next week (4th September).
  • Today I keep chewing the inside of my mouth. Bleurgh.
  • I left my Bonjella at home in London.
  • Today is a boring day. I must go to the supermarket to buy:
    - Bread
    - Bacon
    - Veg
  • Goodbye!

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