Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Go on, make a girl smile

Haha, bollocks to photoshop - MS Paint is where it's at.

Ok, 9 months of proper blogging and I'm getting the hang of this malarky.

Look to yourrrr....(checks left and right)...right (on the screen, right). Now answer the poll. Who irritates you the most out of this week's choices?

Keep looking... see the email address? A lovely, brand spanking new email for readers of this blog to send me love (or hate, whatever comes naturally), or pictures of you eating with your mouth wide open. Whatever. Just no willies, my boyfriend wouldn't like it.

Go down a bit.

Blogroll...in massive need of an update. I'm on the lookout, you rancid specimens. I want your recommendations for good, regularly updated blogs that I don't already read, because those on it don't fill my procrastination needs enough. Email them, list them at the end of this post or just leave a general comment on any post if you want me to check out yours. I go on every person who comments' blog (if that makes sense), and end up subscribing to most of them on bloglines as a result. Even if they're crap. Then the ones I read the most end up on the blogroll. So I'm a good investment. And let face it, everyone knows blogging's pointless without readers.

A last note: my 23rd birthday is on the 4th September, it's drawing near and I'm just letting you know in case you want to turn the love up a notch.

On that note, I leave you today. Think about what I've said. It's important.


Wonderous Blogging Brainchild Extrordinaire
x x x


James said...

Nice eyelashes

the boy who likes to... said...

I'm sure I saw you as I picked up my lunch t'other day. Those eyes are quite unforgettable. :D ha

I don't know exaclt how you've stuck your email address on teh side. But if you've wrote "mailto:...." you can be extra extra fancy by typing "?subject=..." followed by any subject tiel you wish. That way whenever people click the link it fills in the email with email address and subject. Thats really fancy!

You need some blogrolls? Some of my favourites are, in no order

And I've updated my Google Calendar Birthday List.

Shameless said...

I've just started reading Clink's blog


It really amuses me :)

Jo said...

oh James and theboy, my eyes have always been the part that people have noticed about me, funny that...I take particular care over the eyelashes. fact...

and i'm going to try that subject thing, then i'll definitely get some love.

hello shameless, merci buckets for the recommendations, I also rather like your blog as well.

keep 'em coming peepaul.

London-Lass said...

"... because those on it don't fill my procrastination needs enough ..."

"... end up subscribing to most of them on bloglines as a result. Even if they're crap."

Mentally calculates quicker than lightning : London-Lass Blog on blogroll? Yup. Ergo, London-Lass Blog must be lacking in procastination and really rather crap.

How hurtful.

PS : Love you!!! xx

Jo said...

No no no, see, it's all in the wording... see how I've put 'I'll subscribe to them (even if they're crap)...but then if they're on the blogroll - clearly you've been promoted from the crap pond from which the oysters rise

ha, I have such a way with words.

AFC 30K said...

OK ok - I've been reading for a whole couple of weeks from Angry's blog. But you are correct, there's not much point blogging without readers and I don't have that many, still I persevere!

pink jellybaby said...

i like my blog.. read my blog more... ;)

i voted in the poll, oh yes, i like this new feature!

londongirl said...

Loving the survey - very tough to decide on the best answer though.

And you already know my blog. I also think beautiful revolution is amazing (but quirky) and you know The Cat Speaks, right?


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