Friday, 6 July 2007

A smoke-free, sweat-plenty zone

Made it out of the house last night for once and went to a little known place called The Adelphi which I can describe as follows: imagine a house with the ground floor all knocked through, then about 20 years ago they put seating around the edge, made a stage at the end of it, installed a bar with a couple of pumps at the other, and allowed people to graffiti (nothing artistic, mind) and stick posters all over the walls. Then think of Trainspotting - remember the toilet scene? Got it? Right, so that should all be pretty clear then as far as the conviniences go. Oh, then put Oasis, Radiohead and The Beautiful South, Pulp, Athlete etc at one time or another on the stage and a whole load of up and coming bands and open mic night's in voila. And you know what? I actually really like it. Everytime I've been there (whether for Fingathing or a Bongo sesh) I've come out stinking of sweat due to the complete lack of air con but saying 'that was WELL good' (well, shouting actually due to the ringing in my ears).

So last night I scooted down to see the bloke-what-bought-my-hoody-the-other-night's band who I would tell you the name of but I'm under the impression they're into name-checking on google and don't really want my identity exposed (ooh, hark at me going all secretive)... but they were really good. There's something so good about hearing live music and seeing people on stage really enjoying the lead singer for that half an hour set is the rock and roll lead singer he's dreamed of being or something, it's just a nice realisation to watch I think.

And best of all? It was the first time I'd been out-out since the non smoking ban kicked in, which in a dinge-hole like the Adelphi can only be a good thing as far as the ventilation in that place is concerned, so all the stinky buggers were banished to the rain trodden car park outside. Wonderful. On the flip side, it also meant that I was royally abandoned by a couple of my companions every 20 minutes or so while they 'nipped out for a fag' which began to grate a bit after a while if I'm honest. However, the band had the right idea, "Right, I'm laying down some ground rules... no one's allowed to leave - you can have a fag when we're finished. I'm not havin it, alright?"

After the gig I decided to give the after house-party / drink up a miss as I wasn't feeling all that sociable and the other people, bar Est & friend who were going, seemed to be moody indie girls who hadn't cracked a smile all night...and I couldn't really be arsed to make conversation with people I didn't know.

So begins my weekend, boyfriend-less, work-full, a Friday night in, a Saturday night out, Sunday a write off, then I'll commense my weekday whinges. Have a good weekend peeps.


Miss Understood said...

Sounds like a great place.

I haven't seen a live band for ages now...something I really must do soon. Years ago, I'd go to gigs 3 or 4 times a week and I really miss the energy.

Hope you have a fun-packed weekend :)

Steph said...

Are you in Oz? Smoke free pubs just became mandatory down here and I'm sick of my friends pissing off outside to smoke every five minutes too.

gerl86 said...

hey gerl, came across ur blog.

do u also have an intense irritation of the sound of people sniffing?

James said...

Yep one of the few downsides of the smoking ban is definitely looking like billy no mates when all your friends pop outside for a fag.

the boy who likes to... said...

Damn you beat me too it.
I was going to write about my first experience of a club during the new smoking ban (I may still do it)
It has to be said, going out is far more enjoyable when your not breathing in smoke or watching out for being burnt.

The club sounds like a lot of fun (althoguh anywhere that plays Radiohead I'l instantly like)

Jo said...

mis understood - it's one of those grimey little places but I say if the music's loud and live - who cares?

steph - Nope I'm not in Oz, England's smoke ban came into all indoor public buildings last week. By the way, did you hear about the fake ozzie bird going into UK BB house?

gerl - Hello! Yes I have a massssive problem with people sniffing. But it's ok when I do it!

James - Exactly, I'm like urrgh and have to look around for someone to talk to while they're gone.

the boy - Every tale about the smoking ban is different, it'll be like the news, tell your side of the tale :D And yeah I think Radiohead played there years and years ago before they were big so to speak..

the boy who likes to... said...

Oh, I thought you meant that there was some sort of indie DJ playing between bands and he was playing tracks by Radiohead, oassis.....etc. (I shouldnt read so fast)


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