Sunday, 29 July 2007

Procrastination time is over

The word count currently stands at 5,180. In two weeks time it must be at least 18,000 -20,000 words.

Blogging has, as yet, been a hinderance to my dissertation. That's not to say you lot aren't intelligent folk who would not doubt grace my comments page with the post-apocalyptic pearls of wisdom should I ask for them...but referencing Fellow Blogger, 2007. 'Independence Day is a load of wank' in Dissertation Help Please [online, last accessed 29/07/07] just doesn't cut it in Academia, I'm afraid.

I've procrastinated like my life depended on it since the first 5,000 words were finished. A week off because the library wasn't open, a week to settle back into life at home, a week spent with boyfriend because I hadn't seen him for so long....and this week's excuse has been a mixture of the latter, catching up with the girls and an absolute NEED to Ebay my life and soul. A wardrobe clear of unworn tops, jodphurs, sunglasses, trousers and err...coasters...makes for a clear mind. Or something.

So with the boyfriend sailing in sunnier climes with a jaunt round the scary bits of Eastern Europe (that I couldn't manage last year) thrown in for good measure, I have 2 weeks to apply my mind to this piece of work which was never meant to take up all summer in the first place. Unfortunately, this means things around here are going to have to get a bit boring so I can channel all the excitement into my work...ha...or so the plan goeth.

Here's the thing. In order to work, I have my laptop on which evidently has the internet connected all the time and then I think 'Ooh, I better blog today'. Then I think 'Hang on, I'll just check bloglines and see if there's anything else around' which ends up taking the best part of an know how it is. This thing is time consuming, and I've got to focus. Facebook isn't a worry because we aren't speaking at the moment - I've lost all interest in communicating with people via it unless absolutely necessary, in favour of (shock horror) h'actual phone conversations with H'OH MY GOD real people. Before friends were just tags in digital photos, remember that?

Anyway, so basically my dissertation is taking priority, which it wouldn't except I just found out I got distinctions in last term's essays which gives me a very good chance of getting an overall masters with distinction; an opportunity I'm not going to pass up obviously. So blog is going to take a back seat; I'm going minimalist in style of 3BT with word count update in style of fellow dissertation blogger until it's finished. It's the only way! So forgive me if my witty arse fails to grace your blog comments page - I'm not being lazy, au contrare...this is me being motivated.

Stick with me and there'll be a whole lotta Jo lovin' to be had. Ohhhhh yeah.


Miss Understood said...

Good luck! I hope the words floweth from your fingertips.

Or somethin' like that, anyway.

the boy who likes to... said...

Good luck,

Have fun.

London-Lass said...

Good luck .. !

Shameless said...

I remember doing absolutely anything to avoid writing my dissertation. My room was a veritable palace of cleanliness and my tummy was filled with complicated dishes which I had painstakingly slaved over for hours. I also developed an unhealthy addiction to online poker and daytime television.
Good luck with it!


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