Friday, 27 July 2007

Film / TV / Lit recommendations...or not.

I'm absolutely stuck for anything to write / rant about today, which is good...thank god this isn't commission based or anything. So here are some things I've read or watched recently which you can have a look of or, well...ignore in favour of something a lot more interesting. Actually - you're here now so you might as well read it, I've told you what's worth watching and what's a load of bollocks anyway. So spend time now and I'll save you time in future. Capiche?

  • Last night I watched Notes on a Scandal and thought it was verrrrrry very good. I have also read the book (by Zoe Heller), which I'd recommend as well. It's more interesting and detailed than the film and a fairly short novel. I love the fact that you think it's just going to be a story about a teacher / pupil relationship, but there's so much more to the story than that, the characters make it a lot more complex and it's actually about two desperately lonely people and obsessions. Definitely worth a read / watch.

  • I have just finished Memoirs of a Geisha (the book) which I wanted to read before watching the film, and I have to say that now I've read the book, I'm not overly fussed about seeing the adaptation. I thought it would be a lot more scandalous and that well, more would happen. I was waiting for something interesting to occur...and it never really did. No doubt it's a pretty vivid depiction of the Geisha lifestyle in Japan, but I found the writing style really irritating and quite try-hard Japanese writing style...the similes in every sentence got really annoying after a while and didn't seen to come naturally to the author. It was like he'd read a 'How to...' in Japanese lit before starting. Maybe I'll catch the film anyway, although I have a feeling it might be quite long. Seen it? Let me know.

  • One thing I'm not really too bothered about seeing is the Simpsons Movie which I think is out this week. I'm actually surprised they haven't churned one out sooner. I'm not a huge Simpson's fan and can't imagine that the film will be anything more than an extended, rather cliched episode with the usual one liners...I believe it's something along the lines of Homer saves the world from environmental issues...or something. Anyway, I won't be rushing to see it. I've already read one review that isn't all that favourable, but no doubt it'll raise laughs from fans. Let's hope the movie lives up to it's amusing publicity stunt. Doughnut, anyone?

  • I was introduced to a TV series the other day from o'er t'pond called Dexter, and they've just started putting ads for it over here on some obscure channel which clearly wouldn't have even got a look in otherwise...anyway....and I just thought I'd mention it because the first episode was actually quite good. The basic premise is that Dexter is a serial killer, who also has a job as a forensics blood splatter analyst. When he was young his adoptive parent realised his homicidal tendencies and taught him how to channel them correctly. As a result, he only kills people who are heinous and deserve it and everyone else thinks he's this normal bloke, including his celibate girlfriend (who he has no sexual interest in) and friends who all like him. It's worth a watch because even though it's not really that fast paced, it's completely different from anything you might think it sounds like, or any series you've ever watched before. Dexter is an intriguing character and I'll definitely be settling down to watch episode 2 as soon as I get an hour. Those who have read this know that I'm a tight arse who has never bought a DVD box set in her life, so luckily for you of course it's available to watch online. The first 2 episodes, anyway. So if you get a spare couple of hours... Is the link you want to be clicking on.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm going to see TRANSFORMERS, robots in disguise tonight (yes, I do say it in a roboty voice every time) so I'll let you know how that goes. Or knowing me, I'll probably say nothing about the film and more about the people eating really loudly or chatting and annoying me whilst in the cinema, but hey ho. Happy weekend all!

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the boy who likes to... said...

I've been watching Dexter from episode one. It's getting better each episode, secretly I want them to finish this cold killer case quickly. I know they are trying to build up chracters around it but it creeps me out a little.
FX is great. It plays old XFiles stuff on there.
If you can get FX then you should be able to get More4. Did you catch Studio 60 last night? If not it's repeated on Sunday at 1105pm. If you liked West Wing and Sports Night (some havent heard of Sports Night) then you will enjoy this comedy about a comedy show.

London-Lass said...

I can send up the lad who made a noxious popcorn, icecream and fizzy drink stew in the aisle next to me (whilst I watched Transformers) if you'd like.

Torchlight said...

I'm quite Jealous! I think I'm going to be one of the last people on the planet who sees Transformers! Everyone I know is going WITHOUT ME! :(

Hope you enjoy!!


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