Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ahh, so THAT'S who dies...

My name's Jo and I've only read one Harry Potter book.

"Hi Jo"

This makes me rather out of the loop when it comes to the hysterical Potter mania that has gripped the country, nay, the world over the last few weeks. From this stand point, I can see that I've missed out on countless opportunities to stand out in the rain wearing witches / wizard / three headed goblin outfits, screaming at the well groomed, thoroughly British drama school success story that is Daniel Radcliffe from behind the confines of a metal barrier in Leicester Square. I've always thought it's a shame that his on-screen magic doesn't carry any further off set; he's been well trained in giving interviews, a pro at reeling off all the right words. Observe him here, as he shares a jaunty joke with the equally irritating Radio 1 DJ Edith "I'll lick you're arse if you're famous" Bowman in his manner which is more akin to a blind Harry Enfield than fully sighted Potter, not so much geek chic as geek-with-no-chicks. Alas, sexiness does not come quite so effortlessly when you look like the lovechild of Quentin Tarantino and Jimmy Hill. Bless.

I did go to see one of the films in 2002, maybe the fact that 5 years on I can't even remember which one it was is testament to both the longevity of the Potter film series and what I thought of it...in fact, my lasting memory is thinking 'Bloody hell, hurry up and park your broom lad, my arse has gone numb' having paid a tenner to see what all the fuss was about in a Picadilly cinema.

That's also not to say I didn't find the the one book I read extremely readable, however it was for a Children's Literature module I was doing at the time so I wasn't really reading for enjoyment. At the same time, it also didn't spur in me a drug-like need to read the next instalment, but then neither did Alice in Wonderland. It's also not to say I haven't read the reviews of the new book with interest, listened to what people had to say about them and watched the cast interviews on TV. You can't doubt J.K Rowling's skill in creating this fantasy land that clearly has the world hooked - and I'm not about to start critiquing her literary style like some jealous failed-novelist-turned reviewers have done - but it's just not for me. I've missed all the trains to Hogwarts central but I'm not too fussed, it's a bit like being in a club where everyone is taking fantastical, escapist, wonderful drugs except me: I'd rather be outside chilling with a G&T than inside complaining about the hysteria.

So with the final film of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows chugging up to it's Christmas release, there remains only one question and it's not 'who dies' (I've already googled it). Who will last longer: Radcliffe or Potter?

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the boy who likes to... said...

I'm in the same boat as you. The only Potter film I have seen is the most recent one as the missus dragged me out.
The Potter book could turn in to a franchise. There are little kids. JK obviously has kept her options open when it comes to getting another paycheck.
Radcliffe has got a himself well recognised through the films. As much as I would like him to do a Macaulay Culkin and disappear, after seeing him on Extras he was ok when taking the piss out of himself, he might be around a little longer.

PS good spot on the lovechild.

London-Lass said...

I havent seen any of the films. Nor read any of the books. And am I bothered? Much? Bothered? Am I?

Miss Understood said...

Potter will definitely outlive me.

And what a damn shame that is.

Anonymous said...

Potter will live forever. Who was that actor again?

pink jellybaby said...

hmm i'm a Potter fan so i've read and seen it all... but she has left the last book open ended, despite saying it wouldn't be.. as although the baddy died, Harry didn't and leaves it all open to someone else bad coming along and stories about his kids and things. i think it was a cop out

Drama Queen said...

Have never read any of the books. And I'M NOT ASHAMED!!! I'M NOT!

Blue Soup said...

I thought I was the only Potter-free person alive and now I find a whole bunch of them - well hurrah!! :P


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