Friday, 1 June 2007

Ring, Ring...Ring Ring, hello?

Been a bit slack on the old blogging front this week...however...HURRAH! It's FRIDAY! Which means WOOOP WOOOP tomorrow is SATURDAY and I get to wear my dress! Ball time baabbbyy!

Excited? Yeah I am. Tapas and sangria party beforehand and I will be wearing an apron to make sure none of the delicious red stuff gets deposited on the front of ze dress. I have purchased a can of self tan (Ambre solaire garnier spray once...have royally given up on the 'moisturise everyday' ones) which I will be enveloping myself in later.

So, what interesting stuff have I got for you today?

I have realised that I am getting less and less technology tolerant. The issue I have is with phones and, yes, facebook. First up, mobile phones. Just over the last few days I've realised how bloody obtrusive they are to everyday life, like its got to the point where no one can leave the house without one and if they do, they feel like something's missing. Last night while trying to watch TV and specifically, Big Brother (how irritating are all the girls, I watch it just to complain about them) there was a constant accompaniment of people on the phone. Ring ring, hello...and then do they leave the room to talk? Do they fuck. No, they sit where they are and talk loudly over the TV. Surely common sense denotes that you'd probably go somewhere quiet so that you can be heard and so that everyone else doesn't have to listen to your conversation? Actually bollocks to common sense - how about politeness?

The first time it happened I just ignored it, the next time it was a case of grabbing the remote and slowly turning up the volume notch by notch until they got the message and left the room.

It just seems like whenever I go out with someone or round to their house there's a little mobile phone sitting on the table, biding its time and waiting for the moment when you're in the middle of a really good bit of conversation or tv and then RING RING...MESSAGE...BEEP BEEEP.... ARGGHHH! It's actually driving me mad.

I used to think it was just my memory that made me lose my train of thought in the middle of conversations. Now I'm getting convinced that it's actually because my brain is so used to being interrupted mid-speech by someone answering their phone, that it now just does it on by itself.

This morning I don't think I finished one whole conversation with my boyfriend without a phone or facebook distraction in the middle. Seriously. I'm thinking its probably a better idea to just bring my laptop over to his and communicate via facebook messages whilst in the same room instead of talking sometimes.

Are people just getting so used to multi-tasking, ie. texting while talking to someone, half listening while fiddling about on a website, or dialling a number, that they don't even realise they're doing it now? I'm hardly innocent of the above, but today I haven't had my phone with me all day - even went riding without it despite the fact it's not actually that safe to do so - and it was bliss. I'm not one to hark back to ye olde days but there's something really nicely nostalgic about the time when mobiles were few and far between and everyone, especially young kids, communicated by talking. Who else had to wait for a boy to ring the house phone in their not yet broken voice when they were young; your parent / sister / brother's voice shouting up the stairs 'Joo...there's a boy on the didn't tell me you had a boyfriend!' Ah - the embarrassment. Imagine missing out on all that?

Anyway, it's far too nice a day to be ranting any more. BBQ tonight, ball tomorrow. Better text my mate to see what's going on.



Bec said...

I have been carrying my laptop round all day in case I get an email/facebook message/comment... I carry my phone round less now and I don't miss it at all. In fact the only thing I use it for is to call for cabs and wake me up in my afterno... morning,

Have a good time at the ball tomorrow!

londongirl said...

hope ball is fab.

I find I always end up on the laptop and watch telly at the same time - most tv programmes hardly require full focus!

Steph said...

We have more ways than ever to communicate now, but the face to face type of communication is almost gone.
Sad really.

the boy who likes to... said...

A BBQ. You lucky um...weekend BBQing person.
(I didnt know how to finish that off then)

Jo said...
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London-Lass said...

I agree with your ranting .. in addition to which - what's with all the people clogging up supermarket aisles to debate which brand of cereal to get to someone on the other end of their mobile? Or the ones that pick up a call on their mobile just as they arrive at a checkout? I think the problem is to do with social awareness/skills, courtesy and politeness - which, nowadays, a goodly proportion of the population seem to lack.

Jo said...

Londonlass - I KNOW! thats so annoying, not to mention rude. Lets go back to the days of carrier pigeons.


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