Monday, 18 June 2007



Owwwwwwwww I just want to whinge, whinge, whinge. On my brain tonight folks, we have....

I'm living on my own. This I actually don't mind all that much, I'm the sort of person who loves a lot of 'me' time and find it hard to spend too much time surrounded by people. And I can totter around the house half dressed all day without fear of blinding my housemate in the process (oh my eyes, my eyes).

I've been to the gym TWICE in the last 3 days. I know, mental. This is another good thing as my membership card has gone untouched for the past 3 months prior to this little burst of enthusiasm for sweating profusely for an hour each day. It just makes me feel a bit sick afterwards though, is this normal?

My boyfriend has gone back home. This I'm really not happy about, I have this horrible acheyness which I recognise as the 'Owww, chicken-balls, I'm not going to see you until blah'. Especially when I feel like this, like really detached from everything. He's bored at home, I'm bored here, bring on Friday.

My dissertation is underway. I will be positively SICK of the following films by 31st August: Children of Men, 28 Days Later, Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow.

I want to go to Palma. Me and Est have secured dates and accommodation with a friend, but thanks to a call from Mum this afternoon I now feel thoroughly put off about the whole thing. You know when parents say something and you think 'is this one of those moments when they know better, and if I ignore them then they'll only say 'weellll, we did saaaay...' . Bah. To fly or not to fly, that is the question.

My dog, William, was put down today back home. I think this is the main catalyst of my useless mood.

I feel really really detached from everything at the moment. Like I'm in my own stupid bubble of uselessness. HUMPH.

And did I mention that I missed ze boyfriend :(


the boy who likes to... said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. Its never nice when I hear about people who have lost pets.
I've never really had pets. We had a budgie once. We left the cage open and thought it had escaped. We later found it covered in oil and behind the cooker. (No one knows why he covered himself in oil, strange bird haha)
You cant get sick of Independence Day. I expect you should be able to quote the presidents speach he gives before the big fight.

londongirl said...

Poor you on the dog front - v.v.v.sad. I get so attached to dogs.

The gym antics sound v.impressive. I swam yesterday and my arms hurt today. Clearly I am discovering all sorts of muscles I forgot I had.

But I'm not terribly sympathetic about the not seeing of boyfriend for all of 5 days. Sorry.

China Blue said...

Aaah, I know the feeling. You're just rattling around, waiting for the weekend.

Sorry to hear about the dog - it's tough having to have a pet put down. I lost my 21-year-old cat a couple of years ago.
At least you seem to have a little perspective. My friend's bf and his family are distraught - proper DISTRAUGHT - over their pet dog. They're fretting over whether or not to cremate it, if it should be buried next to Nan... I wouldn't be surprised if my friend was made to wear black to the funeral, or if there was a fight over who gave the eulogy. However, her bf will be a pallbearer... h, how I wish I was making this up.

Jo said...

the boy - did the bird survive the oil? and did part of you wonder what budgie would taste like? I've downloaded, I mean, bought the film to watch now...I haven't seen it in yeeaarrrs, bound to be some good american cheese in there somewhere.

londongirl - i would expect nothing less on the sympathy front ;) and by friday it will have been 8 days. ;)

china - wow that's excessive. really excessive. my grandma had her dog cremated, so when she died we popped them both in the same urn and scattered them into the sea. Unfortunately we didn't count on the wind blowing it all back onto the beach, nice.

London-Lass said...

So sorry to hear about William :( That's the thing about dogs .. you get used to having 'em in your life and then, suddenly, they're all old, etc., etc., and you're left thinking "How did THAT happen ... ?!" (even though you know they dont live as long as you but have managed to become almost like *whispered softly* your kid or something). Gah!

Jo said...

I knowwwwww. I grew up with that dog. We've got one other one so at least we're not completely dog-less. The worst thing ever was when our previous dog died and there wasn't anything else...the house was soooo quiet. Kept putting leftovers in his bowl n stuff til eventually i got the horse and house mag and found a puppy litter!

Hannah said...

That sucks. :( Can I recommend gin and chocolate?

Venting said...

McDreamy is leaving for two months (September and October) to go to China for some immersion Mandarin training. How I will survive is beyond me.

I also suggest gin, but not chocolate (think of the calories!)

Jo said...

hannah & venting - you know what, without even realising it I have followed your advice. Just been to the pub for a very sensible ONE gin and tonic, and on the way back popped into sainsburys and bought 2 fudge bars, 2 curly wurleys, another chocolate bar and it all came to practically free!

Marika said...

Oh grrr...sometimes you just need days where you can let all the bitchy build up and then come out in one hit.

Sorry abour your pooch and your boy...

Jo said...

marika - i concur. the gym helps.


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